Virginia Tops, Duke Does Phoenix


Virginia Tops, Duke Does Phoenix

This is where things begin to get serious for teams wanting a piece of the post season action. Where the difference between a win or loss could turn the NCAA RPI into an RIP for teams. Virginia, once again tops the AP Top 25 and locks in that spot with 42 First Place Votes. Meanwhile, Duke is demonstrating a strong heartbeat as they rise in the poll like the Phoenix.

Joining the Cavaliers among the top tier teams is Michigan State, Villanova and Xavier. The Blue Devils round out the top 5. The Spartans pick up 19 First Place Votes while the Wildcats have 4 votes from writers.

The Cavaliers have an opportunity to lock up the regular season ACC title with a win over Georgia Tech Wednesday and then at Pitt. Virginia is currently three games ahead of second place Duke and have a tiebreaker win over the Blue Devils at Cameron.

In addition to a regular season championship, grabbing the top seed in the ACC Tournament is also on the line.

Bracketologists Joe Lunardi (ESPN) and Jerry Palm (CBSSports) aren’t buying into Michigan State as a top seed. You’ll have to drop down to #8 (and rising) Kansas to find their consensus pick for one of four #1 tournament seeds.

Both Lunardi and Palm are in agreement with their picks of Duke and Michigan State as #2 seeds.

Virginia Tops, Duke Does Phoenix

AP Top 25 (Exercise your 20/20 hindsight with this look at the preseason poll)

  • #1     Virginia (FPV 42 Up 12)
  • #5     Duke (Up 7)
  • #10   North Carolina (Down 4)
  • #15   Clemson (Down 4)
  • #25   Florida State (Up From RV #44)
  • RV     Virginia Tech (#32)


  • #1     Virginia
  • #4     Duke
  • #5     North Carolina
  • #10   Clemson
  • #37   Miami
  • #38   Syracuse
  • #45   Florida State
  • #51   Louisville
  • #55   Virginia Tech
  • #59   NC State
  • #61   Notre Dame

Pomeroy Ratings

  • #1     Virginia
  • #3     Duke
  • #7     North Carolina
  • #16   Clemson
  • #28   Florida State
  • #29   Notre Dame
  • #34   Virginia Tech
  • #36   Louisville
  • #44   Miami
  • #45   Syracuse
  • #49   NC State

Virginia Tops, Duke Does Phoenix

Florida State surges out of the Receiving Votes category into the Top 25. Last week, the Seminoles were literally hanging on to one vote which garnered a #44 ranking. Not too impressive, but obviously that one voter saw something the rest didn’t or they just simply needed more proof.

The Seminoles are still in the mix for a post season spot coming in at #45 in the NCAA RPI and #28 in Pomeroy.

Virginia Tech slips a bit in the Receiving Votes category, down two places from last week’s polling.

Both the RPI and Pomeroy provide evidence of why ACC teams are still lurking, seeking out their opportunity to grab a spot in the NCAA Tournament.

Who will and who won’t make it? The ACC regular season has two weeks remaining before teams head to Brooklyn for the conference tournament. There are still plenty of opportunities to sweeten resumes. Any upset wins at the Barclays Center, March 6-10 can go a long way toward keeping the selection committee happy with sacrifices at their altar.

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