D1 Softball | How And Why Teams Seize Opportunity


The hosts of the D1 Softball Podcast, Jenna Becerra and Amanda Lorenz share great insight into the sport as it continues to grow. Becerra and Lorenz have an extensive background in softball that has continued past their collegiate careers and they provide you with a wealth of knowledge regarding today’s game.

We touch on the NCAA Power 10 and what makes those teams special including the players that stand out. Then, a look at the latest D1 Softball Top 25 and a closer look at the performance of ACC teams. The rise of Duke and Clemson get an extra spotlight along with thoughts on Virginia Tech and Florida State.


How is realignment impacting athletes? You’ll appreciate the perspective of two former players and the struggles that may present themselves in the proverbial food chain of college sports. Becerra and Lorenz have some great thoughts here that hopefully administrators will latch onto sooner rather than later.

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