The Best Season Ever


The Best Season Ever

As a fan you have to be a bit leery of anyone who proclaims a particular year the best season ever. After all, no one asked for your opinion and it counts, right?

But, like most sports fans and especially if you’re really, really into your team you like to hear other opinions (or not). Then you start out your response with, “I really like what you did there but what about”? And thus we’re off to the races debating the finer details of this, that and the other thing.

So, now that we’re all clear on what direction this story is headed lets keep the following in mind. It’s merely here to keep us pre-occupied.

CBS Sports’ Chip Patterson takes a look at the best season from every ACC football program. After you get a bit further into it you realize he’s based all of his selections on reaching some level of championship play.

Certainly we could dissect this a bit further based on stats. We could even fall back on an exciting game we saw as a child to determine our own personal best season ever. This is Chip’s ride and we’re along for the wind in our hair and music on the radio.

The Best Season Ever

One key element to be aware of up front is that not all of the present members of the ACC were always part of the club. Some found their success in the Big East or the Southern Conference.

There are some pretty amazing players on this list. Here are just a few. If a name doesn’t ring a bell, be sure to Google them. You’ll find YouTube highlights on all of these players as well.

  • Tony Dorsett
  • Phillip Rivers
  • Ernie Davis
  • Michael Vick
  • Ken Dorsey
  • Deshaun Watson
  • Jameis Winston

In addition to the players there are some distinguished coaches as well.

  • Jim Grobe
  • Frank Beamer
  • Larry Coker
  • Bobby Petrino
  • George Welsh
  • Chuck Amato
  • Bobby Ross
  • Dabo Swinney
  • Jimbo Fisher

The best season ever selection spans the 1940’s, the 50’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the 2000’s. Six ACC teams have experienced their best season ever since the turn of the century.

You can read the entire article from Chip Patterson at

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