Physical | Is The ACC Delivering? ’24 Strong For Some


Mid-February is a great time to conduct a physical on the ACC. Are conference sports delivering? Will and Jim pop in on wrestling, swimming, gymnastics, fencing, golf, softball and lacrosse to see how teams are performing. If you go by rankings the answer is, pretty good. Then we stumble into men’s basketball. The latest AP Top 25 features 3 conference teams however that could all be jumbled up come the next release. As for women’s basketball the teams are beating up on each other yet they’re in a good position to hear a minimum of 5 teams called by the selection committee.

Tee Time | ’24 Golf – No Rough, No Sand, Seize Green

If you’re looking for the latest on ACC sports then it’s here on this episode. A quick note, on the next two episodes we check back in with our bracketology friends at Big Underdog and Her Hoop Stats to see how the men and women are fairing.


Find out how conference teams are performing so far in ’24 in this quick and concise physical on ACC Nation.

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