Bracketology Pt 1 | Dynamic Women Lighting It Up


NCAA women’s basketball is on fire and you need look no further than the ACC for an example of that smoke, heat and flame. Megan Gauer of Her Hoop Stats joins ACC Nation to talk bracketology and how teams are stacking up in mid-February. Big wins and crazy losses are creating a higher level of churn than usual but it’s certainly been fun for hoop fans. Gauer provides you the complete rundown of women’s basketball and how they stand in her latest bracket.

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Who are the top seeds and why? What team or teams may be moving from the top line of the bracket? The ACC places 9 seeds at this point ranging from No. 2 to 9 in Gauer’s bracket. Are any of this teams likely to move up? Who’s underrated? Will any of them move up in seeding?


Top 16 Committee Ranking – ACC

The NCAA Top 16 includes NC State at No. 6, Virginia Tech at No. 10 and Louisville at No. 16. An update reflecting the latest wins and losses will be released mid-week with some turnover expected among the top seeds. Gauer reflects on how that will impact her bracketology efforts in the coming weeks.

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Clocks are ticking everywhere and growing louder with every sweep of the second hand. The regular season and an opportunity to lock down a spot in the NCAA Tournament is generating a sense of urgency from coast to coast. Take a quick look at the NCAA NET Rankings and keep this in mind. There will be 32 automatic bids extended to conference champions. The at-large ranks gather in 36 teams. Gauer tells us how deep into the numbers she goes when working up a bracket. That number is most likely the same that the selection committee is working with in reaching the total of 68. Time is slipping away to register those critical wins.

Bracketology – Tournament Time

The ACC women’s basketball tournament is slated for March 6 through 10 in Greensboro. Selection Sunday is on March 17 with the First Four playing March 20-21. The Final Four and NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship will be played in Cleveland with the title game on Sunday, April 7.

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