Pack Fans Not Happy

Pack Fans

There are a multitude of reasons that supporters of a team can cry foul. Pack fans, specifically those of the women’s basketball team, are not happy. Maybe, just maybe they have a right to be. The latest college women’s basketball polls are out and NC State is, in the words of a fan or two, ‘disrespected again’. The sole team in Division I basketball with an undefeated record (20-0) is showing very little advancement in the rankings. Every team in front of the Wolfpack have at least 1 loss. In the case of Notre Dame, who just lost to North Carolina, it’s 2 losses.

Is there more to this story than the AP Top 25 and USA Today Coaches’ Poll? Well, yes, of course. Isn’t there always more lurking in the shadows? In this case we’ll take a look at two items. The first is the NCAA RPI (no they haven’t switched the women over to NET). This will give the upset fans a bit more to gnash their teeth over. We’ll break that out for you in a moment.

Second, let’s look at the ACC women’s basketball schedule and where it will give the Pack an opportunity to advance. The crazy thing about the season is that it backloads all the critical games just prior to the ACC Tournament. Trial by fire, you might say.

Pack Fans

But, before we take a look at items #1 & #2 let’s take a look at the reason for all this ruckus.

AP Top 25 – ACC

  • #3 Louisville
  • #5 Notre Dame
  • #7 NC State
  • #18 Syracuse
  • #24 Florida State
  • RV Miami #26, Clemson #33

USA Today Coaches’ Poll

  • #3 Louisville
  • #5 Notre Dame
  • #7 NC State
  • #16 Syracuse
  • #21 Florida State
  • #23 Miami

Pack Fans

Just in case you didn’t browse the polls in their entirety, here’s how the top 6 looks. It will give some perspective on No. 7.

  • #1 Baylor
  • #2 UConn
  • #3 Louisville
  • #4 Oregon
  • #5 Notre Dame
  • #6 Mississippi State

This is where we check out the NCAA RPI so we can provide a bigger picture regarding the top teams in the country.

NCAA Women’s Basketball RPI

  • #1 Notre Dame
  • #2 Baylor
  • #3 Stanford
  • #4 Louisville
  • #5 Oregon
  • #6 NC State
  • #7 UConn
  • #8 Syracuse
  • #9 Iowa
  • #10 Mississippi State

It’s all about the scheduling. Often it’s a roll of the dice especially with the level of competition found within your own conference. The other side of the coin can be found in non-conference games. That often comes down to who would have known where’d you be today five years ago.

Five other ACC teams fall within the top 40 of the RPI. Those teams are: Florida State (#23), Miami (#26), North Carolina (#33), Georgia Tech (#39) and Clemson (#40).

Now a quick look at the bridge NC State will have to cross to make their way into the top 5 of the polls and RPI. Here’s a snapshot of the Wolfpack schedule leading up to the ACC Tournament March 6.

  • Feb 3 vs North Carolina
  • 7 – #24 Florida State
  • 13 – #18 Syracuse
  • 18 – #5 Notre Dame
  • 28 – #3 Louisville

A daunting run for any team. Can the Wolfpack make it through unscathed? If so, things like where you are ranked will become far less important.

When all is said and done, perhaps you should look at it this way. You weren’t No. 1 and you didn’t lose to an unranked team. Now that’s a good reason to be unhappy.

Pack Fans


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