Healthy Alternatives To Coffee

Jim Quist @ACCTheQ

There are plenty of things that we indulge in daily that if done so in small doses won’t hurt us. Then, there are some where the line between good and bad is kinda sketchy. Coffee, unfortunately happens to be one item that falls into the grey. Seemingly every other year we read about a new study that says, coffee is good for you then another that says coffee is bad for you. Somewhere in between a study says, as long as you don’t drink more than this amount it’s okay.

I won’t get into the validity of any of those studies. I can speak from personal experience, though. You see, I’m one of those people that loves coffee. From sunrise to right before bed my choice of beverage is usually coffee.

You may see where this article is headed. That amount of caffeine just isn’t good for you. Period. In addition to raising your heart rate it also dehydrates you. Bad combination. After raising my doctor’s eyebrows when he saw my blood pressure at a semi-annual appointment I knew my love affair with coffee had to be, shall we say, adjusted.

That day I dropped by the store and picked up the dreaded ‘decaf’ and decided that if I was going to ‘suck it up’ that I at least wanted some coffee taste. Guess what? There’s caffeine in decaffeinated coffee as well. Granted, not as much as regular but if you consume a lot then it adds up.

So, in addition to the decaf I added green tea to the mix. And yes, you guessed it I’m still not completely away from the caffeine.

Healthy Alternatives

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There are healthy alternatives to coffee and even tea for that matter. If you’re sucking down soda’s (or pop depending on where you’re from) then I’m afraid there’s no hope for you especially if they’re diet drinks. I’ll let you do the research on that topic.

Let’s take a look at some interesting choices that will help you cut back on your caffeine, lower your blood pressure and maybe find something new to enjoy.

Chicory Coffee

This root can be ground, roasted and brewed just like coffee but without the caffeine. A plus is the magnesium and it’s a high source of inulin which aids in digestion.

You can use it in combination with regular coffee (still popular in Louisiana) or use it as is to make a cup or pot.


Containing a mix of various fruit, herbs, nuts and spices that are roasted Teecino emulates the taste of coffee. It typically has a strong roasted flavor and has no caffeine.

Just remember, there’s nothing other than coffee that tastes like coffee.

Ayurvedic Roast Coffee

This is much like Teecino in that it is a blend of grains, roots, and spices. It includes roasted chicory.

The taste? Close and a healthy alternative as it also contains no caffeine.

Perhaps you just want to cut back on your caffeine. If you want to stick with coffee make sure you ease back on the throttle over a period of time to let your body adjust.


Here are some choices that have less caffeine and you may find appealing.

Hot Chocolate (Cocoa)

Looking for flavor but less caffeine? How can you go wrong with Hot Chocolate? Well, you’ll want to cut out the sugar if you want to consider it healthy.

The nice thing is there is a lower amount of caffeine and it contains some essential minerals like copper, iron and magnesium.


You have your choice of Black, Green and White tea all with varying degrees of caffeine.

Black tea has about half of the caffeine as a similar amount of coffee. The amount of caffeine steps down with green and white. Research indicates that tea may activate immune response.

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Licorice Tea

If you’re looking for a drink that is refreshing, slightly bitter, sour and sweet all at the same time and contains no caffeine you’ve found your choice.

Golden Milk

Like chai latte’s? This caffeine free drink includes Turmeric, black pepper and often cinnamon or ginger. Many will include vanilla or honey.

Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties because it contains curcumin. If you have sore, aching joints from working out or arthritis this is the substitute for you.

Healthy Foods Can Be Delicious

By reducing my intake of caffeine, replacing regular coffee with a variety of healthier alternatives I found my BP moving rapidly back to where it belongs. Not everyone will have the same results by kicking their caffeine intake. If you have high blood pressure be sure to have it addressed by a medical professional.

Eat well, drink well and if you aren’t exercising, it’s time to start.

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