Golfweek Preseason College Rankings

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There’s a bit of irony in having a golf poll referred to as preseason. Amateurs and pro’s never stop playing. The true season for college golf began yesterday contrary to the assumption that it’s solely in the Spring. What the Golfweek preseason college rankings allows for us to do is gauge the roster of teams. We know how players were performing right up and through the NCAA Championships. But, how have they done over the summer break? For example, the top ranked ACC men’s team includes the recent winner of the U.S. Amateur. That certainly plays into the top 5 ranking for the Yellow Jackets.

The turnover on the roster is a given from year to year. For the most part, coaches do a great job of building through recruitment. Often, a freshman will step onto the greens and deliver a phenomenal performance. Paired with experience teams grow together and typically maintain continuity.

You won’t find an ACC team ranked at No. 1 in either the men’s or women’s poll. That isn’t too unusual. As the season progresses so do the rankings for conference teams. You will find the usual suspects in the Top 30.


Before we break out the ACC teams let’s take a look at the top 5 teams.

  • Golfweek Men’s Preseason Top 5
  • #1 Texas
  • #2 Pepperdine
  • #3 Arizona State
  • #4 Georgia Tech
  • #5 Oklahoma


The Longhorns lost in last year’s NCAA Championship and are in a prime position with their roster to make another run.

  • Golfweek Women’s Preseason Top 5
  • #1 USC
  • #2 Duke
  • #3 Stanford
  • #4 Texas
  • #5 UCLA

The Trojans may be one of the deepest teams on the college scene. Lurking just behind them is Duke who has a roster that could put them in contention for back to back titles.

The ACC Break Out

  • Golfweek Men’s Top 30 – The ACC
  • #4 Georgia Tech
  • #6 Wake Forest
  • #12 Louisville
  • #14 North Carolina
  • #15 Duke
  • #21 Clemson
  • #27 Florida State

The 2019 Bushnell Men’s Collegiate Golf Preseason Poll has a more extensive take on team rankings. Here’s a look at ACC teams –

  • #3 Georgia Tech
  • #6 Wake Forest
  • #12 Duke
  • #17 Clemson
  • #23 North Carolina
  • Receiving Votes
  • #27 Florida State
  • #29 Louisville
  • #35 NC State
  • #45 Virginia
  • #48 Notre Dame

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