Crash And Burn: CFP Top 25 Week 2

Jim Quist @ACCTheQ –

There were some hurt feelings among Clemson fans last week when the initial CFP Top 25 debuted. With the Tigers, the defending champions no less, ranking no higher than No. 5. There was a sting of insult that came with the ranking. Calmer heads prevailed in pointing out that two teams, among the top 4, were destined for the loss category. And, unless Dabo, Trevor, Travis and Tee all decided to take a nap, the Tigers would be nestled among the top echelon once again. Lo and behold Alabama delivered a crash and burn performance against LSU and the doors opened for Clemson.

Now, it would be presumptuous of me to scatter the remains of the Crimson Tide among the, ‘oh, you were so close’ heap of teams that have missed the playoffs. The nagging feeling (and tell me it isn’t true) that Alabama would once again get away scot free with an unearned token held me in check.

I, like every other mortal soul would have to wait to see if the slew of Nick Saban voodoo dolls were pinned properly. Lest you think they’re all located in Louisiana, guess again.

As for Penn State, their fate was sealed with a loss to Minnesota. So what have the committee members drummed up for us this week? Is there more pain? More, agony? Or will we have a ‘what in the hell are you thinking’ moment?


Not too sound too cynical but having been down this road many a year before I didn’t have the greatest faith in my fellow human beings. But, as I type this they’ve wiped away the dark clouds with a Top 25 that, in some sense, makes sense.

College Football Playoff Rankings


The biggest mover in the top tier is Minnesota. The Golden Gophers leap to No. 8 while Penn State falls from No. 4 to No. 9.

The only other ACC Nation team to make the Top 25 is Notre Dame. The Irish hold at No. 16.

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Who among the top 6 teams will stumble in the remaining weeks of the regular season? Is there a chance that Alabama will rise to the occasion or be gifted a slot in the playoffs?

There are numerous scenarios in which the Crimson Tide can return. For the life of me, none seem reasonable. This looks like the season where crash and burn applies to Alabama.

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