Blue Ribbon Preseason Top 25

Preseason Top 25

Every preseason Top 25, no matter the sport, should raise an eyebrow. Don’t look for the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook Preseason Top 25 to stray beyond the norm.

The ACC owns the landscape with 7 teams populating the early look at college basketball rankings. There isn’t much doubt that the conference brings back or re-stocks this year like never before. If that phrase sounds familiar it might be because it’s seemingly used every year.

When it comes to an eyebrow being raised there is a disturbance in the force down in Durham. How could you possibly rank the Blue Devils behind Kentucky? Matt Giles at Ball Durham was a tad put out with the final analysis regarding Duke and offered his counter-argument.

We’re prone to reminding folks that anything called, “Way-Too-Early” or “Preseason” is truly for discussion purposes only. So with that approach in mind we present a look at the ACC teams.

Blue Ribbon Preseason Top 25


Blue Ribbon Preseason Top 25

Want to find out what teams are stacked up in front of each of the teams from the ACC? Take a look at the complete Preseason Top 25 from Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook here.

If there is one point that Giles makes that we’ll wholeheartedly agree with it’s this. Flying under the radar for as long as possible is always a good thing.

However, that approach also applies to the six other conference teams in this particular Top 25. We’ve seen far too many teams overlooked early in the season who have come home with the bacon.

You may not see eye to eye with the preseason picks but don’t overlook the wealth of information that diehard hoops fans drool over. Blue Ribbon is a solid source of college basketball data that’s hard to find elsewhere.

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