Best Farmers’ Market: Tops In ACC Nation

Best Farmers' Market
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Family time is a priority within our business circle. This weekend one of the hosts of our podcast, Xayveon, hit the Farmers’ Market with his family. It’s something that everyone at ACC Nation does on a frequent basis. If not for the variety of fresh food then simply to get out into our communities for some fresh air. As part of our lifestyle section, ‘Y’, we thought someone must rank the best of these by state. It didn’t take long to find a state by state list at

Thus, we’ve selected the best from each state that includes an ACC team and included some information regarding what they offer. Yes, we also included a link to their respective websites so you can check them out as well.

If you’re looking for tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumbers, onions, melons, locally sourced honey and fruit then you can’t go wrong. You’ll likely find a wide variety of organic meats, art, candles and who can say no to free samples?

We know that it’s impractical to drive from one end of the state to the other to visit the markets on this site. We’ll simply encourage you to make a plan to get up early and visit the Farmers’ Market nearest you.

Farmers’ Market


The best in the Sunshine State? That honor goes to Coconut Grove Saturday Organic Farmers’ Market which is, in light traffic, a bit over a half hour away from the Miami campus. The market features a salad bar, raw food pizzas, raw Nori rolls and desserts. For Florida State students the distance is too great and the likelihood of an excellent selection in the panhandle is great.


If it doesn’t have ‘Peach’ in the name it can’t possibly be authentic Georgia, right? Peachtree Road Farmers’ Market is approximately twenty minutes or five miles away from Georgia Tech in Atlanta. In addition to locally grown produce the market offers farm to table meals, local brewery samples and live music.


South Bend Farmers’ Market is certainly no passing fad as they’ve been serving up fresh foods to Irish students and fans since 1924. Located just about ten minutes from the campus of Notre Dame the market has a nice list of offerings in addition to farm grown vegetables. You’ll find fruit, cheese, eggs, meats, fish, lamb, artisan baked goods, candies and jewelry.

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Lexington Farmers’ Market may be a bit of a drive for Louisville students and fans at an hour fifteen minutes. However, if you’re looking for an adventure this may serve you well. In addition to the fresh produce and cheese they offer peanut brittle, popcorn, coffee and more.


A half hour drive for Boston College students and fans will reward you with quite a bit of history and the Lexington Farmers’ Market. You’ll find a nice selection of locally grown produce plus cheese, wine, cider and even granola.

Best Farmers' Market

New York

The next trip seems a bit excessive for Syracuse students and fans at four plus hours. If you’re interested in a trip to the city (New York) and into Manhattan you’ll find Union Square Greenmarket. It may well be worth a visit as it has been voted the No. 1 Farmers’ Market in the United States. Here’s a few reasons why – 140 regional farmers, fishers and bakers visited by as many as 60,000.

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North Carolina

Durham Farmers’ Market is within ten minutes of Duke and approximately 25 minutes of North Carolina and NC State. Coming from Wake Forest? It’s about an hour twenty five minute drive. You’ll find vegetables, fruit, eggs, cheese, honey, baked goods, herbal products, flowers, meat, coffee and brews.


It would only seem natural that a trip to Lancaster would be in store for the state’s best. Lancaster Central Market lays claim to the country’s oldest at 275 years and counting. The Amish community supplies a good portion of the product found here. Fresh produce, meats, poultry, fish, baked goods, specialty dairy products, crafts, collectibles and ready to eat desserts are available. Unfortunately for Pitt students and fans the trip is almost four hours.

South Carolina

Yet another long trip would be in store for Clemson students and fans if they were to visit Charleston Farmers’ Market. Much like the trip in New York a weekend visit to Charleston is well worth it. The gathering of farmers, vendors and artisans in historic Marion Square offers up produce, crafts and gourmet sweet and savory foods. If you’re headed to low country from Clemson expect close to four hours on the road.

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The Falls Church Farmers’ Market is a bit over two hours from Virginia while Virginia Tech students would face a four hour drive. There’s an abundance of NOVA students and fans for both schools so this may be in your backyard. The market features 50 vendors and offers a unique twist the venue with their monthly Chef Series. Local restaurants have their chefs develop recipes from local foods.

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In multiple studies the cost of produce was less at a Farmers’ Market than at competing supermarkets. If you’re looking for a Farmers’ Market near you the USDA has an easy to search list of locations for each state.

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