Basketball Hangover

Basketball Hangover

Basketball Hangover

The season is over, there’s a sudden realization that it’ll be months before the next game and you find yourself suffering from a Basketball Hangover.

We’ll go old school on remedies and offer up some hair of the dog. Yes, we know some of this will be hard to swallow especially after all that binging.

Let’s ease into this and if it’s too much to handle, simply hold your nose. It’ll be easier to digest.

First, some Way-Too-Early Rankings to boost your spirits. Sorry. No puns intended.

The ACC has a preseason 6 teams with one honorable mention all poised to once again wreak havoc. Sure, sure, we know there are players leaving, some thinking about it, transfers, superstar freshmen and the like that all may change this picture. But, for now, here’s a look ahead to the 2017-2018 season.


  • #2     North Carolina
  • #3     Louisville
  • #7     Duke
  • #14   Virginia
  • #18   Notre Dame
  • #21   Miami
  • RV    Virginia Tech

How about the rest of the Top 25, like who’s #1? While you’re pouring some coffee, here’s some light reading to give you the full picture.

Didn’t see your team among the usual suspects? Not to worry. One look at the last AP Top 25 and you’ll see that those of us who vote aren’t always so accurate. That’s your one freebie in the chuckle department so enjoy it.

Now, let’s really go out on a limb and project where everything comes together for the 2018 NCAA Tournament. For that, we need the wizardry of one Joe Lunardi.

Just remember, this is just for fun, so don’t get too serious here and ruin the mood.

Lunardi’s early bracketology projects the ACC with 8 teams, the most of any conference.

The top seed out of the conference? Louisville. The Cardinals are picked as the #1 seed in the South. If this holds true, fans will have a short drive to Nashville. We’ll get to the rest of the teams in the South in a moment.


  • #7     Virginia Tech – Nashville


  • #5     Notre Dame – Wichita
  • #2     Duke – Charlotte


  • #8     Virginia – Charlotte
  • #3     North Carolina – Detroit
  • #7     Florida State – Pittsburgh


  • #1     Louisville – Nashville
  • #6     Miami – Dallas

A little bit of a home court advantage (fans travel well) for Virginia Tech, Duke, Virginia and Louisville, should these projections hold true.

Here’s a look at Lunardi’s complete projected bracket for the 2018 tournament.

Where to next? That will have to hold you for a day or two. We’re sure there’s some interesting stories about to surface at any moment and we’ll be there to share them with you.