Bagmen Cometh?

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What would it take to move Buzz Williams out of Blacksburg? Matthew of says, ‘beware the bagmen’. Will and Jim talk with the columnist and podcast co-host about Virginia Tech players, coaches and the state of Hokies sports under Athletic Director Whit Babcock. Get your questions regarding Hokies basketball and football answered on this episode of ACC Nation Podcast.

Matthew has been with us before on the podcast and is always great at answering our questions about the Hokies. At this point in the season it seemed like a good time to delve into the basketball program that has become a national presence under Williams.

While we had him we thought Matthew could enlighten us about what to expect this fall as well.

We weren’t disappointed on either front. Find out what he thinks the basketball team will do post-season and why football fans should expect a return to form.

If you’re a Hokies fan you’ll want to hear his thoughts on both teams. Set aside a few minutes and join us on this episode of ACC Nation Podcast.

Bagmen Cometh?

  • Is Buzz Williams susceptible to the lure of “Bagmen”? :46
  • What is the one thing that would make a difference on the roster? 1:44
  • Will Alexander-Walker go pro? 3:55
  • The list of who won’t be there – who will step up to fill key spots? 5:16
  • The definitive answer on Chris Clarke. 9:09
  • Landers Nolley – What he’ll bring next year. 10:03
  • Isaiah Wilkins – How has his game progressed? 11:19
  • Recruiting. Class of 2019. Who starts next year? 12:30
  • Is the team we see now make a dent in the ACC Tournament? 13:46
  • How deep can they go in the NCAA Tournament? 15:39

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Bagmen Cometh?

  • The overall health of Virginia Tech Athletics. 19:12
  • Observations on last year and what can be fixed in football. 22:47
  • Transfer issues. Click bait or something to worry about? 26:13
  • Will the Hokies ever be a National Championship team? 28:58
  • The QB question. Willis or Patterson? 32:32
  • Offensive breakdown. 33:53
  • Defensive breakdown. 36:27
  • Be sure to follow Matthew and AllSportsDiscussion. Here’s how. 39:25

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