AVCA Volleyball Coaches Poll


Preseason polls are great for pointing out potential but when the rubber hits the road it’s all about what have you done for me lately. That’s the case with week 1 of the AVCA Volleyball Coaches Poll. Four ACC teams showed potential going into the season and only two have survived in the first week of polling.

The top rated team in the preseason poll, Stanford, continues their domination of collegiate volleyball this week. The Cardinal along with Nebraska and Florida split the first place votes among coaches in the initial poll. This week, Stanford moves from 43 to 57 first place votes while the other two teams come up empty handed.

Texas moves up a notch and grabs 7 of the remaining first place votes in week 1.

Meanwhile, the top ranked ACC volleyball team, Pitt, moves up significantly this week on the strength of their season opening three wins.

AVCA Volleyball Coaches Poll

Louisville is still in the receiving votes category of the poll but are close to breaking into the Top 25.

Florida State and Miami who were in the receiving votes category last week stumbled enough to not be considered in this week’s rankings.

The Seminoles fell to Minnesota and Wisconsin. Miami opened with a win against FAU, fell to FGCU and won against UCF.

AVCA Volleyball Coaches Poll – The ACC


RV #28

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