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That sudden loss of oxygen leaving the room on Sunday came from the release of this week’s AP Top 25. There was literally an implosion among the ranked college football teams on Saturday. One after another dropped liked summer flies exposed to colder temperatures.

As a conference the ACC is down to two teams. Let that sink in as you realize the conference started out the preseason poll with Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech and Florida State. Along the way, Boston College, Duke and now NC State have held a spot in the rankings.

The AP Top 25 includes three teams under the ACC Nation umbrella with Notre Dame grabbing ahold of a very important spot this week.

Three additional teams make the receiving votes category while five teams grab a spot in the Coaches Poll. The two extra’s include Virginia Tech and Boston College at #42 and #46. These teams are doing some things well but certainly not enough.

AP Top 25

RV #32
RV #34
RV #39

Who Moved And How Much?

ACC Nation teams Clemson and Notre Dame moved up one spot in the Top 25 placing them at #3 and #4 respectively. NC State moved up four places to #16 in the AP poll and #15 in the Coaches Poll.

Among the top 5 teams LSU rose 8 places to #5. Georgia dropped 6 places following their loss to the Tigers.

Other teams taking a hit in the rankings include West Virginia dropping 7, Washington down 8, Penn State fell 10 and Wisconsin lost 8 spots.

Beyond The AP Top 25

We’ve mentioned this game before and it’s beginning to take on more importance every day. NC State and Clemson this weekend will, in all likelihood determine the Atlantic Division championship. The result will further shake up the Top 25.

Sorting out who they will play from the Coastal Division in the ACC Championship becomes more of a challenge by the day.

This weekend the CFB Playoff committee did a mock run to work out any possible kinks. The first week of CFP rankings will be released on Tuesday, October 30.

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