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Welcome to ACC sports 2024 and so far the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024 have been wild, surprising and fun. What’s next? Well, after we recorded this episode the list was added to again and then again and once more. Nick Saban’s gone. Bill Belichick’s gone. In case anyone had missed it, so is Pete Carroll. And, oh, by the way the top candidates for Saban’s job are peeling away left and right plus some Tide fans don’t want Dabo Swinney. I’m sure the feeling is mutual among Clemson fans.

The vacancy at Alabama will have a ripple effect upon the SEC and college football. Lord help the oversized ego that tries to walk in and do the same that Saban has done over the years. The immediate thought from our corner, hoist a glass and celebrate the monster diminishing in power. We won’t diminish any aspect of the coaching supremacy these guys have demonstrated over the years. Respect. But, anything that elevates ACC sports, well we’re all for it.

Will and Jim look at the final AP Top 25 football poll and share some thoughts on the numbers. For good measure we talk about the addition of Cal, SMU and Stanford and how they will impact the ACC football season. We’re looking forward to talking with the folks that cover these teams and providing you football previews in a few short months.

ACC Sports

Want to paint an interesting picture? In Week 0 of college football Florida State and Georgia Tech will face off in Dublin, Ireland for the AerLingus College Football Classic on Saturday, August 24. Yes, it will be a fun game and an entertaining pub crawl for fans who fly in to see the game. The wildest part may not have anything to do with what we see on the field. You see, ESPN’s College GameDay will broadcast for the first time outside of the U.S. at this game. Hear our thoughts on how they may be received by Noles’ fans. Jim throws in his two cents on how his Irish relatives should welcome the cast. Always here to help.

In other areas of ACC sports. You know all the talk about how the NIL will be a bad thing and then no one stepped up to do anything about it? Well, the NCAA has decided that all of those feral long-tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs will now be corralled and brought ‘in-house’. If you can get past the laughter the guys share some thoughts on that cluster, too.

Last, but not least a quick run-down of the AP Top 25 men’s and women’s basketball teams will occupy your time as well. Want to see the latest men’s 2024 projected bracket? Click on the link on our home page for Big Underdog.

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