College Basketball ’24 Update | Battle For Supremacy

College Basketball

The ACC men’s and women’s basketball teams wasted no time in 2024, engaging in thrilling battles to establish dominance within the conference. From intense rivalries to unforeseen upsets, the competition on the court has been nothing short of spectacular. Catch up on the latest action in college basketball as the teams vie for supremacy in the ACC.

Dipping back into December action the in conference games have provided one surprise after another.

  • Notre Dame upending Virginia 76-54
  • Miami knocked off Clemson 95-82
  • NC State slipped by Notre Dame 54-52
  • North Carolina powered by Clemson 65-55
  • NC State manhandled Virginia 76-60
  • Wake Forest eased past Miami 86-82

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The lack of ‘attention’ on some fronts for the Deacs prompted this classic comment from Wake Forest head coach Steve Forbes as reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Mike Barber.

College Basketball

Not every ‘bracketologist’ overlooked Wake Forest as Jason Carmello of Big Underdog is reflecting the rising fortunes of the Demon Deacons. The conference season is young and there’s plenty of time to prove their worth.

ACC Women’s College Basketball

As for ACC women’s action there are some teams emerging from the shadows and a promise that conference competition will be fierce.

  • Syracuse upended Notre Dame 86-81
  • Boston College caught Miami off guard and pulled off a 70-64 win
  • NC State began to show some cracks as it took an OT to defeat Florida State 88-80
  • Virginia Tech took advantage of the tape and put it to good use with a last second 63-62 win over NC State
  • North Carolina delivered an upset against Notre Dame 61-57

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ACC Men’s College Basketball

APTEAMKENPOM – O/D (01/08/24)
#32WAKE FOREST42-23/83
#40NC STATE64-69/66
College Basketball