ACC Nation Power Poll

Power Poll

As we indicated last week in the inaugural ACC Nation Power Poll, we’re in for a wild ride. Our writers weren’t in agreement about much of anything except Clemson. Nothing like a good spreadsheet to mesh things out.

The final numbers are released at the same time those who are voting get to see them. We’re sure each is wondering what is wrong with the other after looking at the tabulation.

Remember that voting is subjective. Watching a game, reviewing video and looking at stats can only go so far before the writers exercise their very opinionated opinions.

Let’s take a look at this week’s ACC Nation Power Poll and where each team ranked last week.

ACC Nation Power Poll – Marching Into Week 2

  • #1     Clemson     
  • #T2  Virginia Tech     
  • #T2  Boston College     
  • #4     Miami     
  • #5     Florida State    
  • #6     NC State     
  • #T7  Notre Dame
  • #T7  Georgia Tech
  • #9     Duke
  • #10   Virginia
  • #11    Louisville
  • #12    Pitt
  • #13    Syracuse
  • #14    Wake Forest
  • #15    North Carolina

The biggest move this week in the power poll is at #2 where the Hokies move up 4 spots. Virginia Tech appears to be in a much more competitive spot for the Coastal Division title.

ACC Nation Power Poll – Who Else Is On The Move?

On the whole the ACC Nation Power Poll hasn’t shifted dramatically. The normal shakeout after the first game has taken place. If a team has dropped it’s more likely that voters are comparing teams head to head.

A good example of that is Notre Dame. Even though the Irish defeated Michigan it didn’t escape observers that the final was 24-17. So, performance in this case and comparison moved the team down two places.

One of the higher adjustments on the positive side goes to Virginia. The significant improvement on the offensive side by the Cavaliers helped improve their stock.

On the negative side, Wake Forest dropped three spots as the Demon Deacons needed an OT to polish off Tulane.

It will take the final scores from week three to further cement teams into place in the power poll. This coming week is a mixed bag of opponents.

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