College Football Top 25 | Preseason Votes Exposed

College Football

It’s time for college football! Now that both the USA Today Coaches Poll (last week) and AP Top 25’s (Monday) have been released, unleash the trolls! Keyboard warriors everywhere unite to pick apart the ‘expert’ picks (essentially based upon last year and a smidgeon of spring ball) and share your opinions (you ever hear the saying about opinions….? Nevermind…) about why your team should be higher or another team shouldn’t even be in the polls.

Make note that we’re of the thought that polls are worthless until at least the 3rd, perhaps 4th week of the college football season. With that in mind, they’re out and everyone is here for sports so why not share the darned things? I see we all agree (snark mode) so let’s move forward.

It’s not surprising that Georgia has been selected as the ‘top dawg’ by both polls but it doesn’t take long for a disagreement to occur among the top 5. Most of you can probably understand why Alabama and Ohio State flip flop between 3 and 4. The intrigue that we’re interested in begins in the top 10 with ACC teams.

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College Football

After a few years of…mehhhh….Clemson seems to be putting the pieces back together again however there are a few questions outside ‘homerville’ in regard to the Tigers and it seems that those who vote agree. Speaking of being out of the mix for the past few Florida State has more than bottomed out from their former competitive spot in college football and are on the rebound. Is it too soon to crown them the new Alpha football team in the ACC? We’re about to find out in this new non division ACC.

Both polls are going with the ‘Noles as the top team for the conference. That puts an immense amount of pressure on Mike Norvell and his team to deliver the goods to a hungry group of fans. I will remind each of you that one stumble will have the majority of your fellow ACC fans bringing up this realignment thing so prepare yourselves.

The ACC+1 (yes, we include Notre Dame….read the fine print) has the Irish coming in next in the top 15 and then North Carolina in the top 20. In many ways this is a prove it year for each of these teams in the Top 25. If you start there, can you hold your spot? How about move up? Dropping out early could be disastrous as we’ve seen college football come down to one or two games in the loss bracket killing aspirations for the season.

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To some degree we knew these four teams would be in the preseason Top 25 so let’s move on to the others from the conference that are receiving votes. The coaches are good to go with Pitt, NC State, Miami, Wake Forest and Duke while the men and women of media have also tossed in Louisville but left out Miami and Wake Forest. What could they possibly have been thinking, right? Hit that keyboard and let people know how brilliant or foolish they are for their picks but remember, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Like we said, wait a few weeks for the dust to settle in college football before taking those Top 25 rankings to heart.

College Football Preseason Top 25

College Football