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Toss everything you thought you knew about ACC football out the window. As we’ve noted before, preseason polls are usually a good look back but not forward. The AP Top 25 just released helps to give us all a look into the future.

The preseason favorite maintains that position following a solid showing in their season opener. Alabama picks up 48 first place votes among those voting to place a solid hold on the top spot.

ACC front runner Clemson stays one step behind and pick up 12 first place votes in balloting.

Where are the changes this week? It’s time to start sifting and find the nuggets. Let’s take a look at teams under the ACC Nation umbrella.

AP Top 25

RV #28
RV #33
RV #34

Who Moved And How Much?

We’ll take a look at the top two teams first. Alabama grabbed an additional 6 first place votes and those came from Clemson’s stash.

Why? Alabama began their season with a decisive win over a Power 5 conference FBS team in Louisville. Clemson also had a good win but it was over Furman who was ranked #21 in the FCS. Who gained the most in that contest? Furman, as the Paladins moved up 13 spots in FCS rankings this week.

Notre Dame came away with a win over rival Michigan that impressed voters enough to bump the Irish into the Top 10.

Virginia Tech traveled to Tallahassee and delivered an impressive road victory over Florida State. The Hokies get bumped up 8 notches in the poll and are just outside the Top 10.

Though Boston College hasn’t broken into the Top 25 yet they are definitely dipping their toes in the water. The Eagles had a solid performance against Massachusetts that turned more than a few heads in voting. They’re still in the receiving votes category but move up 6 places this week.

There are teams that took a heavy hit this weekend and have dropped in the poll. Miami, previously ranked (preseason) #8 lost to #25 LSU. The Canes drop 14 places this week.

Florida State, ranked at #19 fell into the receiving votes category to #34.

The final team from the ACC in the receiving votes category is NC State. The Wolfpack came away from a hard fought battle with the #2 ranked FCS team, JMU with a win. The voters only dinged the team one spot as they move to #33.

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