Women’s Sports Get Big Boost In Coverage

Women's Sports
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The excitement generated by the debut of the ACC Network began simply enough. The conference finally had their own television coverage. That broadened as the realization that the availability of conference football and basketball games would expand. With two baseball teams in the College World Series it picked up further momentum. Now, the conference has released a coverage schedule for women’s sports that boosts coverage 90 percent. That’s no small change. It’s also a great sign for other women’s sports and how they’ll be covered in the coming year.

A total of sixty-two regular season and conference tournament women’s soccer, volleyball and field hockey games will be aired on the new ACC Network.

It’s not as if there isn’t an audience and a growing demand for coverage either. In addition to Florida State, the reigning NCAA Women’s Soccer Champions, the ACC has a total of 26 titles in the sport.

In field hockey, the conference owns 19 NCAA titles including North Carolina’s in 2018. That kind of history builds a strong fan base and draws the attention of recruits.

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And, last year the ACC continues to see growth in volleyball with 5 teams receiving bids to the NCAA Volleyball Championship. Exposure on the ACC Network will make many a coaches efforts in signing up star players that much easier.

Women’s Sports

One huge draw and certainly generating plenty of national attention is women’s basketball. With two top rated ACC teams last year in Notre Dame and Louisville plus NC State, Syracuse, Miami and Florida State finishing in the Top 25 there’s plenty of reason to watch this season.

That won’t be the only sports that finds it’s way to the screen. Softball has picked up significantly in viewership so you should expect to catch plenty of games next spring.

Dedicated Times

Are you using your smartphone or computer calendar to help save you time? Here’s something you’ll like. Volleyball and women’s soccer will both have dedicated nights of coverage. You can enter Wednesdays if you want to see more volleyball. Thursday with bonus matches on Sunday will be set aside for women’s soccer broadcasts. As for field hockey you can pencil in Friday and Sunday.

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How about ACC Championship action? The ACC Network plans on airing the preliminaries and final of the ACC Field Hockey Championship. As for the ACC Women’s Soccer Championship, you’ll see the quarterfinals and semifinals.

Field Hockey Schedule

Sun, Sept. 81 p.m.Penn at North Carolina
Sun, Sept. 810:30 a.m.Princeton vs Wake Forest (@ Chapel Hill)
Sun, Sept. 153 p.m.William & Mary at North Carolina
Fri, Sept. 204 p.m.Virginia at Syracuse
Fri, Oct. 44 p.m.Duke at North Carolina
Fri, Oct. 184 p.m.Duke at Virginia
Mon, Oct. 286 p.m.Liberty at Virginia
Thu, Nov. 7NoonACC Championship Quarterfinal 
Thu, Nov. 72:30 p.m.ACC Championship Quarterfinal 
Thu, Nov. 75 p.m.ACC Championship Quarterfinal 
Fri, Nov. 8NoonACC Championship Semifinal
Sun, Nov. 1011 a.m.ACC Championship Final

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Women’s Soccer Schedule

Sun, Aug. 252 p.m.Wisconsin at Florida State
Sun, Aug. 257 p.m.Colgate at Syracuse
Wed, Aug. 285 p.m.Santa Clara at Wake Forest
Wed, Aug. 287 p.m.Georgetown at Duke
Sun, Sept. 12 p.m.West Virginia at Virginia
Thu, Sept. 57 p.m.Georgetown at Virginia
Thu, Sept. 127 p.m.Colorado at Florida State
Sun, Sept. 151 p.m.Furman at NC State
Sun, Sept. 156 p.m.South Carolina at Clemson
Thu, Sept. 197 p.m.Boston College at Florida State
Sun, Sept. 221 p.m. NC State at Duke
Thu, Sept. 267 p.m.NC State at North Carolina
Sun, Sept. 292 p.m.Duke at Virginia
Sun, Sept. 297 p.m.Pittsburgh at Miami
Thu, Oct. 37 p.m.Wake Forest at Louisville
Sun, Oct. 62 p.m.Duke at Virginia Tech
Thu, Oct. 107 p.m.North Carolina at Duke
Sun, Oct. 131 p.m.Virginia at Florida State
Sun, Oct. 135 p.m.Virginia Tech at NC State
Thu, Oct. 177 p.m.North Carolina at Boston College
Sun, Oct. 202 p.m.Notre Dame at Virginia
Thu, Oct. 247 p.m.Florida State at North Carolina
Sun, Oct. 271 p.m.Florida State at Wake Forest
Thu, Oct. 318 p.m.Duke at Florida State
Sun, Nov. 31 p.m.ACC Championship Quarterfinal 
Sun, Nov. 33 p.m.ACC Championship Quarterfinal 
Sun, Nov. 35 p.m.ACC Championship Quarterfinal 
Sun, Nov. 37 p.m.ACC Championship Quarterfinal 
Fri, Nov. 82:30 p.m.ACC Championship Semifinal
Fri, Nov. 85 p.m.ACC Championship Semifinal

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Volleyball Schedule

Wed, Sept. 47 p.m.Valparaiso at Notre Dame
Wed, Sept. 187 p.m.Michigan at Notre Dame
Wed, Sept.  256:30 p.m.Pittsburgh at Virginia
Sun, Sept. 29NoonBoston College at Georgia Tech
Sun, Sept. 294 p.m.Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh
Wed, Oct. 27 p.m.North Carolina at NC State
Sun, Oct. 6NoonPittsburgh at Florida State
Wed, Oct. 97 p.m.Georgia Tech at Clemson
Sun, Oct. 133 p.m.Notre Dame at Duke
Wed, Oct. 167 p.m.Louisville at Notre Dame
Sun, Oct. 20NoonSyracuse at Florida State
Wed, Oct. 237 p.m.Wake Forest at Duke
Sun, Oct. 273 p.m.Pittsburgh at Louisville
Wed, Oct. 30TBDMiami at Florida State
Friday, Nov. 156 p.m.NC State at Miami
Sun, Nov. 171 p.m.Syracuse at Notre Dame
Friday, Nov. 22TBDFlorida State at Pittsburgh
Sun, Nov. 241 p.m.Duke at Florida State
Wed, Nov. 27TBDLouisville at Pittsburgh
Sun, Dec. 11 p.m.Clemson at Syracuse

Remember, the new ACC Network has a launch date of August 22. So, if your cable provider isn’t on board yet, pester the hell out of them!

Women's Sports

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