Windy And Wet: Don’t Let A Little Old Hurricane Stop You

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Residents of Florida don’t mind a little windy and wet weather. It’s just part of the landscape. And there’s always plenty of sunshine. A bad storm usually doesn’t stop Floridians from celebrating (not that anyone needs an excuse). Hurricane parties are a part of the culture. In the top 5 most favorite things to do in Florida you’ll find football, the American version (though futbol is catching up). So it only makes sense to combine football and a hurricane party. You know, more bang for the buck. Let’s take tailgating to a higher level.

It helps to live or to have lived in Florida to wrap your head around this concept. While everyone else is planning their evacuation route and checking to see if a relative has a place to crash, Floridians (some, not all) are checking their liquor cabinets.

Don’t think for a moment that we take severe weather lightly. The editor of this site used to be a Rescue Chief and worked extensively with emergency management. We’re just pointing out that when it comes to hurricanes there’s a different mindset in Florida. It has to be earned over the years or you have to be a native to fully embrace it. The hair on your neck stops standing up after the third or fourth storm.

Windy And Wet

So, when the National Hurricane Center (NHC) began pointing out that (then) Tropical Storm Dorian was rapidly becoming a hurricane everyone began watching and listening more closely. Then, the NHC upgraded the storm and the Governor of Florida declared a State of Emergency. That put the wheels in motion for a change in venue for the Boise State – Florida State game slated for Jacksonville. You’ll want to check the link for details if you plan on attending in person. The path and the fact it’s designated a major storm gives you an idea why the game was moved.

Windy And Wet

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The solution was pretty simple. Florida State has a substantial stadium that won’t see any of that ‘windy and wet’ until later. Why not move it there? And thus, it came to pass the game will be played Saturday, August 31 at 12:00pm ET at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee. You can watch the game on ESPNews.

For the rest of Florida and those in the path of the storm. Make plans, check your cabinets, hunker down and be safe. The rest of us will be following along and wishing you well.

Labor Day Weekend Football

  • Thursday, August 29
  • Georgia Tech @ #1 Clemson 8:00pm ET
  • Friday, August 30
  • Utah State @ Wake Forest 8:00pm ET
  • Saturday, August 31
  • East Carolina @ NC State 12:00pm ET
  • Boise State @ Florida State 12:00pm ET ESPN
  • South Carolina @ North Carolina 3:30pm ET ESPNews
  • Duke @ #2 Alabama 3:30pm ET ABC
  • Virginia Tech @ Boston College 4:00pm ET
  • #22 Syracuse @ Liberty 6:00pm ET ESPN+
  • Virginia @ Pitt 7:30pm ET
  • Monday, September 1
  • #9 Notre Dame @ Louisville 8:00pm ET ESPN

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