Who Can Beat Duke In The ACC Tourney?

Beat Duke

With the regular season wrapped up in the ACC I wanted to look at the tourney. You know, the one before the Big, Big Tourney. Let’s be realistic here, can we? IF…Zion comes back after resting his ‘day-to-day’ injury (over the last few weeks), who’s going to beat or stand a chance against DUKE? Who can beat Duke in the ACC Tourney? Let’s take a look shall we?

Besides the early season loss to Gonzaga (2019’s version of 2018 UVA IMO) you can make more than valid arguments to explain the other 3 losses the Blue Devils had over the course of this season. Even with that though, it seems like this ACC season is full of Duke highlight reels. Start with Zion dunks or blocks or RJ Barrett taking the opposing 1on1 defender off the dribble for an acrobatic lay-up. Throw in Cam Reddish showing off his smooth jump shot (when given the opportunity), it’s been all about Duke. As of now, there are 3 teams from the ACC in the top 5 of all CBB. It stands to reason that I should start there.

Who Can Beat Duke In The ACC Tourney?


As the current #2 team in the country, who’s already lost to Duke TWICE this year, UVA has a real shot here to get revenge at the best time possible. UVA again, has the nation’s top defense. The trio of Guy, Hunter and Jerome bring enough experience to offset the talent of Duke’s Big 3 Freshmen. Trust me, it’s hard to beat a team like UVA once. It’s even harder to do it a second time while on their home court. To do it a third time on a neutral site might be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back. Just what’s needed to help UVA get over the Blue Devil hump.

North Carolina

It kind of goes with out saying why the Tar Heels are on this list. If you need a refresher, just revisit the last 50 years of UNC vs DUKE basketball. You should be all caught up. The Tar Heels did give the Blue Devils their only blowout loss of the season. But, let’s be real here for a moment. That win is suspect at best. The best player on the court for both teams left within 30 seconds of the start of the game. UNC went on to beat the brakes off Duke. Since then the Tar Heels have had a small resurgence to get back to where they belong, in the conversation.

Who Can Beat Duke In The ACC Tourney?

We’ll have to wait until at least Friday for an answer to one part of the equation. North Carolina and Duke are positioned to meet each other in the semifinals. That is, of course, assuming they get past their opponents on Thursday. Virginia will have to wait until the championship on Saturday to get another potential shot at Duke. Again, if everything works out.

This is going to be a fun week.

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