What The Hell ACC? | Bumbling Misery Of ’24 Basketball


Pick your favorite adjective in describing the current state of ACC men’s basketball and unless you’re a Carolina or Duke fan it won’t be ideally used in mixed company. Seriously, what in the hell is this nonsense that resembles the horrors of a six-year old who, awakened by a nightmare in the middle of the night, needs new sheets? Overboard? We think not. At this rate the conference will be lucky to have three teams in the NCAA Tournament. When was the last time that occurred?

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Is it a lack of talent? Maybe a number of coaches need to experience geographic readjustment? Here we are looking at February, which we all know comes and goes in a heart beat during the season, and which teams (other than the aforementioned) stand out? And don’t be a homer with your answer because it’s disingenuous.


ACC women’s basketball doesn’t get a pass here either as January has turned into a mess as well. Congrats to Syracuse for moving up in the latest AP Top 25. BTW, you folks who are tossing in a vote for your favorite teams in the poll….just stop it. If you’re playing that game then perhaps you shouldn’t be voting at all.

We also take a look at the opening weeks of ACC football and share some early thoughts on what we see.

Wake Forest | D1Baseball’s Top Team In ’24 Fired Up

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