Voters Challenge: ACC Nation Power Poll

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As the story goes, even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while. The voters in the ACC Nation Power Poll are beginning to feel as if conference football is one big pig farm. Teams are rolling around in a semi-liquid brown substance (use your imagination) all looking for an elusive acorn each week. Our better halves would all say, ‘that’s disgusting’ and we’re very much in agreement.

Not even the bright shining city on a hill (aka, Clemson) has been immune. The Tigers wallowed against North Carolina and fortunately, for Clemson fans, found an acorn at the very end of play.

Week after week teams are offered an opportunity to rise above, to have their moment in the spotlight only to waste it away. Is there any wonder that the Top 25 rankings are bereft of ACC teams? The weekly slop-fest doesn’t instill confidence in a media voter or coach who puts their stamp of approval on a Top 25.

It’s not much different here on the home-front. At this point, Clemson and Notre Dame are ‘gimme’s’, but thereafter?

Voters Challenge

T 4PITT 435
12NC STATE1711

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Virginia remains at No. 3 even though the Cavaliers lost points following an upset loss at the hands of Miami. Keeping that spot may have been attributed more to the Wake Forest loss to a surging Louisville. The Demon Deacons loss to the Cardinals places them in a tied with Pitt at No. 4

Duke, as always, is flying under the radar. Perhaps even more so now that we’ve got all the chatter about the men’s basketball team being the ACC preseason favorite. Football? Duke? With a handful of exceptions in the metro Raleigh area the media often forgets about David Cutcliffe. That, unfortunately leads to those outside the market doing the same. We’re sure Cutcliffe likes that very much. This weekend is a critical Coastal Division match-up between Duke and Virginia. Who would have seen this coming?

Football’s A Dirty Game

First year coaching staff, players who appeared to lay down on Bobby Petrino at the end and fans looking forward to, guess what? The Chris Mack story is distracting, no? Well, along comes one Scott Satterfield with some ideas of his own. And players who have talent and just wanted a leader to take them to the promised land. Presto, chango the Cardinals are suddenly right behind Clemson in the Atlantic Division race. Forget about basketball this weekend because Clemson is coming to town.

Collapse – And Then There Was One

Miami rises in the poll this week into the fair-to-middling section as a result of their win over Virginia. Manny Diaz taking the reins of the defense may have been a wise move for the team. The Canes certainly were charged up and playing more like the team we saw last season. Even N’kosi Perry had a return engagement. Can they continue down this golden path for the rest of the season?

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

This week, here are the games that we think will be fun to watch and will have an impact on the ACC Nation Power Poll.

  • Pitt @ Syracuse
  • Clemson @ Louisville
  • North Carolina @ Virginia Tech
  • Duke @ Virginia
  • Florida State @ Wake Forest

Duke and Virginia are 2-1 in conference play and 4-2 overall. This game will put one or the other in the driver’s seat. At least, for the moment. It’s an important game in the race for a division title. The voters in this poll are watching closely.