Virginia Cavaliers: ‘Voices Of’ Football Preview

Virginia Cavaliers
Jim Quist @ACCTheQ, Will Ojanen @WillsWorldMN –

This week our special guest in the ‘Voices Of’ Football Preview series is Dave Koehn, the play-by-play voice of the Virginia Cavaliers. Could this be the year that the Mendenhall regime turns the corner and has a legitimate shot at the Coastal Division title? Lots of interesting sports news to share up front in the show.

Among those stories the ACC has a new six year bowl lineup that spans the nation. Exposure and payday is lined up for ten conference teams.

Who will be hosting the Big Ten/ACC Softball Challenge? Five schools get a nod.

The guys look at the NCAA notice of allegations delivered to NC State and express their thoughts on who needs to shoulder the burden.

Also on the agenda, the ESPN FPI. We take a look at the rankings and the projected wins/losses for ACC teams and Notre Dame. Do we agree with all of the numbers?

Virginia Cavaliers

Dave Koehn talks with Jim about Bronco Mendenhall, the defense, special teams and what promises to be an exciting offense for the Wahoos.

Bronco’s Plan – Finding the system that works and adjusting as you go. Growing the program at Virginia.

‘Voices Of’ – Clemson’s Don Munson & Louisville’s Paul Rogers

The recruiting challenges and wrapping your arms around in-state recruits.


The numbers and injuries in the trenches have held back the Cavaliers in the past. That appears to be a different story this season.

Bryce Hall and Joey Blount are just two names to watch. Who else?

Special Teams

Kicking solidifies after struggles over the past few years.

The return game promises some excitement.

‘Voices Of’ – NC State’s Gary Hahn


Has the offensive line arrived?

Bryce Perkins and how he changes the entire program.

For the first time in years Virginia adds depth at the QB position.

The running backs and what they bring to the game.

Who fills the void at wide receiver?

The Schedule

“This is Big Boy football”.

How Virginia can make a statement out of the gates.

The importance of winning some key road games.

ACC Basketball

We wrap up this episode with a peek at the Top 25 College Basketball Players in the ACC and review of this season’s hoops tournaments.

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