Uncensored Basketball NCAA Bracketology | Amazing ’23


Seems we’ve forgotten what college basketball is really like. The ups and downs, the head-scratching losses and mind-blowing wins during the regular season. Keyboard coaches droning on about how this team or that conference just isn’t what it used to be. Welcome back to reality. Strap on your basketball shoes as we hit the court with Jason Carmello of Big Underdog, 2014’s top ranked bracketologist and in the top 30 over a five year stretch according to BracketMatrix.

Jason joins Will and Jim to talk about his March 7, 2023 bracket (see the latest updates here) and give you a realistic view of how to build your bracket. The guys start off with some Looney Tunes references before getting serious about which teams stand a good chance of advancing and those that don’t. Carmello drops some nice clues, breadcrumbs, if you will along the way.

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Get a feel for which ACC teams are and aren’t moving forward and get some serious talk about coaches that should be taken out to the wood shed. Unfortunately, the in-depth aspect of this conversation was after the program in regard to which coaches in the ACC need to hang up their hats.


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Speaking of coaches moving on, have you given any thought as to the assistant coaches that are ideal for filling the big shoes? Who’s tops on your list should a head coach suddenly depart? You may want to start thinking about it.

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