Title Bound: ACC Dominates Field Hockey Poll

Title Bound
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Fans of Packer and Durham on the ACC Network may have heard them talking about titles recently. When it comes to putting the money where your mouth is, the ACC is scooping up the green with titles. And, with the top-heavy presence of the ACC in the NFHCA Preseason Coaches’ Poll could the conference, once again, be title bound?

You may say, it’s too early, after all it’s just a preseason poll. With the reigning Field Hockey national champions and 6 other teams in the poll, maybe not. Only two teams picked up first place votes and both are from the ACC.

In 2018, four conference teams earned bids to the NCAA Tournament with another two grabbing at-large spots. Teams from the ACC have generated 19 national championships and won 11 of the last 18.

In 2018 North Carolina won their seventh overall field hockey championship with a 2-0 decision over Maryland. The Tar Heels faced off against Wake Forest in the ACC Championship and then again in the national semi-finals on their way there.

The 2018 NCAA All-Tournament Team consisted of four players from North Carolina and two from the Demon Deacons. The Most Valuable Player honor was awarded to the Tar Heels’ Ashley Hoffman. But, how about this year? Will there be an ACC team in the national title game again? How many players could make the All-Tournament Team this year?

Title Bound

Title Bound

Before heading to the numbers prescribed by the NFHCA Coaches’ Poll, let’s look at what coaches within the ACC are thinking.

ACC Coaches Predicted Finish

  1. North Carolina (6 FPV)
  2. Duke (1 FPV)
  3. Virginia
  4. Louisville
  5. Syracuse
  6. Boston College
  7. Wake Forest

Preseason All-ACC Field Hockey Team

Title Bound

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It’s time to compare and contrast. Keep the predicted finish list above in mind as you look at the NFHCA Preseason Coaches’ Poll.

  • NFHCA – ACC Field Hockey
  • #1 North Carolina (31 FPV)
  • #3 Duke (2 FPV)
  • #10 Wake Forest
  • #11 Virginia
  • #12 Louisville
  • #13 Boston College
  • #18 Syracuse

The Field Hockey season gets underway Friday, August 30. On the schedule are games that are part of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge series which features #1 North Carolina, #7 Michigan, #8 Iowa and #10 Wake Forest

  • Friday, August 30
  • Indiana @ Louisville 3:00pm ET
  • Wake Forest @ Iowa 3:30pm ET (Ann Arbor)
  • Syracuse @ Vermont 4:00pm ET
  • Virginia @ Old Dominon 5:00pm ET
  • North Carolina @ Michigan 6:00pm ET
  • Penn State @ Duke 6:00pm ET
  • Boston College @ Providence College 6:00pm ET

  • Sunday, September 1
  • Wake Forest @ Michigan 11:30am ET
  • Penn State @ Virginia 12:00pm ET
  • UMass @ Louisville 12:00pm ET
  • Duke @ William & Mary 1:00pm ET
  • Syracuse @ UMass-Lowell 1:00pm ET
  • Fairfield @ Boston College 1:00pm ET
  • North Carolina @ Iowa 2:00pm ET (Ann Arbor)

  • Monday, September 2
  • Syracuse @ Maine 1:00pm ET

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