Summer – Is It Really Just For One Week In Minnesota?

Projected Picks
Jim Quist @ACCTheQ, Will Ojanen @WillsWorldMN –

Baseball is generating quite a bit of heat and we have links you’ll want to check out. The deadline for college basketball players to commit to the pro’s or to return for another year has come and gone. With a better idea of who will be on the court in the fall we take a look at how NBC Sports is ranking teams. Especially those from the ACC. Aside from sports, what will you be doing this summer? Find out what the guys are brewing up.

Ever wonder why preseason polls seem so….well, pat? Are we giving too much credit to how a team performed last year when we vote? Perhaps it’s with good reason according to Will.

Jim thinks ACC football will be much better this season. The preseason previews are getting lined up as we get closer to week zero. WTH is week zero?

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A look at the top 5 teams. Michigan State seems like a lock on that top spot going into the season. Jim and Will agree that Kentucky may be ranked too high at No. 2.

The ACC debuts in the poll at No. 3 with Duke. So, there’s Tre Jones and then? Three one and done players but no Zion’s or Barrett’s. Not feeling the love.

Villanova at four seems like a good bet. Solid returners, bench and recruits.


Who’s Will high on? No. 5 Louisville and the guys agree that Louisville and Kentucky should swap places in the poll. Strong starters, bench and recruits.

Crazy? Admittedly and it’s a sign of self awareness. Just sayin’.

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Virginia comes in at No. 8. A look at the projected starters and who can deliver on offense.

North Carolina loses a boatload of talent but like most ACC teams have returning depth and recruits that make the Tar Heels intriguing.

No other teams make the Top 25 but Will says an argument could be made for Florida State.

Super Regionals – Here Comes Magic Mike

To keep Xayveon happy we take a look at his VCU Rams at No. 23 and what they’ll bring to the table.

The Living Is Easy

Will and Jim talks about their hobbies and past times that they’ll be exploring this summer.

What’s up with Kerry Blackshear? Is he joining Buzz? Jim thinks the Hokies will be Top 25 if he returns. Will won’t wade through that swamp full of alligators.

The changing face of college basketball recruiting and what’s contributing to those dynamics.

Why none of us should judge players who make financial choices instead of committing to college.

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