Sports Illustrated’s Preseason Top 25


Sports Illustrated’s Preseason Top 25

In the world of college football we’ve all got an opinion, some more informed than others. Sports Illustrated has put together their preseason Top 25 for college football and they may be on to something.

When it comes to the teams we cover at ACC Nation there are five teams ranked among the preseason picks. If you prefer to be a purist, four and Notre Dame.

The notable difference in this poll comes from two directions and both are worthy of further attention. Sports Illustrated breaks away from the tried and true (boring) approach of automatically making Alabama the top ranked team in the country. That was easily sold hook, line and sinker in years past but not with the emergence of Clemson. Tigers football has become like a well oiled machine on the field and in recruiting.

On the other end of the Top 25 is Dave Doeren’s Wolfpack. Many an observer has written off NC State because of key players moving on to the NFL. In doing so, the naysayers have overlooked the recruiting efforts going on in Raleigh. Perhaps more importantly the type of players Doeren has stepping up. That hasn’t been missed by the writers at Sports Illustrated.

Sports Illustrated’s Preseason Top 25 – ACC Nation


Comparing The Top 25’s

Unlike many of the other polls you’ve been reading lately this one sticks to just the Top 25. So, no hint as to how they feel other teams may perform or who’s close to breaking into the poll.

If you want to see who’s on the outside looking in, at least in the terms of preseason polls, check out our stories on the USA Today Coaches Preseason Poll and the CBS Sports 129.

Click here for the complete Preseason Top 25.

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