Smorgasbord: A Little Bit Of Something For Everyone

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Jim Quist @ACCTheQ, Will Ojanen @WillsWorldMn, Xayveon @Xavyeon –

On this episode of ACC Nation Podcast, Jim, Will and Xayveon delve into a smorgasbord of college sports news. From baseball to track and field and they take a close look at men’s basketball from the ACC to the NBA. *Editor’s note: If you are missing downloads of recent podcasts it’s because we are working out some technical issues between our host and Apple. We hope to have them resolved soon. Until then, please download from the website.

How are ACC baseball teams fairing in the NCAA Super Regionals? A rundown of where Louisville, North Carolina, Duke and Florida State stand as of Sunday.

NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships concluded this weekend and we have a rundown of how ACC teams finished overall. Plus, a look at the top 3 finishes in competition for the men and women performers.

Xayveon hit the Farmers’ Market last week. Is he eating his veggies? “It feels different”. Check out the top markets near your favorite ACC school in this article.

Will may top even his closest competitor when it comes to picky eaters. Xayveon and Jim will eat….almost….anything.


A game by game gut response of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. The men’s basketball series begins Monday, December 2 with Clemson visiting Minnesota prompting interest by Will.

Duke and Michigan State is a big, hairy deal in the early portion of the season. Road games – bringing out the Alabama and one cousin to another comments.

Find out what the sleeper games will be…from exciting to snoring.

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Big questions about Michigan from the guys and national media. The Louisville-Michigan matchup has more than a bit of promise.

Jim doesn’t know what to say about Syracuse. Will has the answer.

Name dropping Mychal Hunter. Xayveon has a (not-so) subtle comment.

The Memory Is Fuzzy

What TV was like in Greg Anthony’s heyday? Will pulls an old man routine.

The surprise game includes two slightly under the radar teams. When it comes to forecasting the future don’t depend solely on the past.

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One game is all about rubbing salt in open wounds in a family setting for Jim. Will’s breakdown of why that might not happen this year.

The ‘Situation’ at Wake Forest. What can we expect, why it’s tough and will pitchforks and torches be part of the ending scene in this play?

Changing rules handed down from the NCAA for men’s basketball. The impact on the games.

When She Sat Around The House…

What’s your favorite ‘Yo Mamma’ joke?

Who is this silent guy from the ‘burbs of LA who’s lighting up the Warriors?

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Questioning the top teams in the ACC. We’re looking at you Duke. Who do we think owns the conference this season?

Bliss or Diss. Xayveon throws Will under the bus. A realistic look at grandpa’s contribution to the family tradition.

Respect. Some coaches just earn more than others.

And that’s what you call a smorgasbord of sports.

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