Shocked? You Shouldn’t Be

Coaches Pick Clemson
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The votes are in. The media’s selection of the winners of the Atlantic and Coastal Divisions should come as no surprise. The most obvious choice in the Atlantic is 2018 national champion Clemson. Dabo Swinney had the Tigers reloaded before they had a chance to celebrate their win. If you were shocked at the choice in the Coastal, well, you haven’t been paying attention. This year’s choice is Virginia.

The Cavaliers appear to be bringing far more to the table this year (experience and depth) than other teams in the division. This season it appears as if Bronco Mendenhall is a step or two ahead of his counterparts at Miami and Virginia Tech. That perceived advantage may not last until the end of the season, though. It’s far less likely to be there in 2020.

When it came to first place votes there was no shortage of home cooking. In the Atlantic, Clemson received 171 votes while Syracuse picked up 2.

The voting was far more entertaining in the Coastal Division. The Cavaliers rounded up 82 first place votes and Miami walked away with 55. It didn’t stop there, however.

Every team in the division came away with at least one vote.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, all of these votes will need to be earned on the field over the next few months. Will anyone regret their votes? We’re pretty sure that won’t be in the cards.

The Votes – Atlantic

  1. Clemson (171)
  2. Syracuse (2)
  3. Florida State
  4. NC State
  5. Boston College
  6. Wake Forest
  7. Louisville

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The Votes – Coastal

  1. Virginia (82)
  2. Miami (55)
  3. Virginia Tech (20)
  4. Pitt (8)
  5. Duke (6)
  6. North Carolina (1)
  7. Georgia Tech (1)

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In the final tally, what do voting members of the media have to say about the ACC Football Championship? They’ve given their votes to three teams. Clemson places first with 170 votes, Syracuse second with 2 and Virginia is third with 1.

Will it be a Clemson and Virginia ACC Football Championship? We’ll find out on Saturday, December 7 as the winner of the Atlantic meets the winner of the Coastal in Charlotte.

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