Rounding Second

Rounding Second
Jim Quist @ACCTheQ

Take three major college baseball polls and place them side by side and you’re bound to have a difference of opinion. That’s where we found ourselves, again, this week as teams are rounding second in their schedules. There are two factors that keep you in and moving up the rankings. Consistency and winning critical games will usually punch your ticket. That’s the case with UCLA as the Bruins sit atop the three polls we’re comparing. Where do ACC teams check in this week?

The three polls, USA Today Coaches’ Poll, D1Baseball Top 25 and NCBWA Top 30 have a pretty good bead on the teams that are delivering. For the most part all three are almost in lock-step. We like adding the poll from the college baseball writers as it gives a deeper look at how, in this case, conference teams are performing.

A brief glance at the ACC baseball standings can be misleading. The top 5 teams are NC State, Clemson, Louisville, Florida State and Georgia Tech. The next five teams include Wake Forest, Virginia, Notre Dame, North Carolina and Virginia Tech. With the exception of NC State, Clemson and Louisville the conference records of the rest of the teams listed isn’t anything to write home about. This is where going deeper makes all the difference in the world. A quick look at the overall records and non-conference teams played casts new light on why the following teams are currently ranked or receiving votes.

Rounding Second

USA Today/D1Baseball/NCBWA

  • #4/5/6 NC State
  • #10/11/t10 Louisville
  • #17/16/15 North Carolina
  • #21/20/19 Florida State
  • #27/NR/24 Clemson
  • #35/NR/RV Georgia Tech
  • NR/NR/RV Miami
  • NR/NR/RV Virginia Tech

Rounding Second

It’s always fun to take a look at stats so we’ll start with the Top 3 teams in batting, pitching and fielding.

  • Batting
  • NC State .294
  • Virginia .292
  • Wake Forest .291
  • Pitching
  • Louisville 2.79
  • Virginia Tech 3.07
  • NC State 3.22
  • Fielding
  • NC State
  • Virginia Tech
  • Virginia

Who’s leading the ACC in hitting? What about the home run king? What player is cranking out the RBI’s? Who do you need to keep an eye on for stealing bases?

  • Hitting
  • Michael Guldberg, Georgia Tech .475
  • HR’s
  • Kyle McCann, Georgia Tech 12
  • RBI’s
  • Chris Lanzilli, Wake Forest 33
  • Stolen Bases
  • Jordan Lala, Miami 14
  • Sam Hall, Clemson 14

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