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You have to look very closely at the rosters of every team in ACC Nation to understand how they’re doing with recruiting. With a number of new coaches, schemes and transfers, recruiting is a good measure of a team’s health. Not to mention how they’ll do in the future. So let’s take a peek at the recruiting stats for conference teams. First, we’ll look at 2019 and how all of the teams rank. Then we’ll grab the crystal ball and look at 2020 and see if there are any trends.

For the most part the coaching situation is fairly stable. The teams that have new coaches and are in an adjustment period are Miami, Georgia Tech, Louisville and North Carolina. All four coaches and their staffs have been breathing new life into the programs and offer hope for fans.

Will the Hurricanes’ Manny Diaz get buy-in from the carryover players of the Richt era? He’ll need it until ‘his guys’ begin to show up. There’s lots of sunshine on the horizon for ‘U’ enthusiasts when it comes to recruiting. There’s plenty of hope for this season, too as Diaz has depth to work with.

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How about Geoff Collins at Georgia Tech? From a lot of perspectives Collins is making mud pies out of, well, mud. For all you true southerners out there you know that a well made mud pie is quite tasty. That’s what Collins and his staff appear to be cooking up but it may take a year before it’s served properly. Don’t overlook the Yellow Jackets this season as they unroll a new offense and aggressive defense that’s been missing in Atlanta.


Off to Louisville where down in the mouth Cardinals fans were served up some moonshine by Bobby Petrino. The problem is that they were expecting bourbon. It was fun getting juiced up by Lamar Jackson but the more you had of the rest of the team, much like moonshine, you just felt numb.

In steps Scott Satterfield who brings several important additions to the coaching staff with him. Players and coaches seemingly quit on each other last year. That’s one thing that won’t happen in the future. The biggest issue is the lack of depth so Satterfield may be putting the pieces back together for a year or even two.

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Who is this guy with the familiar face stirring up trouble in Chapel Hill? Mack Brown returns and brings a degree of seasoning and much needed calm to the Tar Heels program. Brown has amped up the recruiting efforts as you’ll see in a moment. But, not only that, he’s making the most of a talented roster this season. Injuries and missteps in use of personnel have hurt North Carolina over the last few seasons. No fool, that Brown. The old dog will undoubtedly be teaching some new tricks this season.


2019 Recruiting Rankings

Let’s look at the ACC Nation’s 2019 Football Class Rankings as provided by ESPN.

  • #10 Clemson
  • #14 Notre Dame
  • #22 Florida State
  • #27 Virginia Tech
  • #30 Miami
  • #31 NC State
  • #35 North Carolina
  • #40 Virginia
  • #42 Duke
  • #49 Pitt
  • #54 Wake Forest
  • #56 Boston College
  • #58 Syracuse
  • #61 Georgia Tech
  • #68 Louisville

Out of the entire list only North Carolina continued to rise in the rankings. Brown and his staff have been working overtime to fill blank spots on his roster. This is proven further when we take a look at the 2020 Top 25 list.

2020 Top 25 Recruiting (June 12)

  • #1 Clemson
  • #5 Miami
  • #7 Notre Dame
  • #9 Florida State
  • #12 North Carolina
  • #19 Georgia Tech
  • #25 NC State

It speaks volumes that Miami, North Carolina and Georgia Tech are on this list. As the year progresses we’ll see how far up in the rankings Louisville will rise.

The return of Florida State bodes well for the efforts of Willie Taggart who was dealt a bad hand of cards in his first year in Tallahassee. We’ll see this season if the changes to the program and a year of recruits will help the Seminoles rise.

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It doesn’t need to be pointed out that if teams want to be on a competitive field with Clemson, who has built solid depth with recruits, then they’ll need to do the same.

If recruiting is any indication look for the rise of Miami, Florida State, North Carolina and Georgia Tech beginning this year. Could 2020 be even more exciting?

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