Projected Picks – ACC Players In The NBA Draft

Projected Picks
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In sports news from around the ACC, ‘Magic Mike’ Martin and the Florida Seminoles continue to slice through top ranked teams. The latest victims (among three from the SEC) are the Arkansas Razorbacks. The Seminoles entered the NCAA Baseball playoffs as an unranked team. They’ve dispatched #12 LSU, #7 Georgia and #5 Arkansas in an amazing run. Who’s next in the CWS Bracket? Then Xayveon and Jim take a look at the projected picks of ACC players in the NBA Draft.

Find out how Louisville fared and take look at who’s next on the schedule on the home page.

Fall sports are closer than you think. The ACC men’s soccer season gets underway September 1. We’ll have that schedule plus others on the website. Remember, it’s ACC Nation dot NET. Include us in your favorites tab.

Xayveon and Jim jump into the NBA Draft. The top 5 teams to pick has changed. What’s different? Find out who swapped and some of the reasons why.

Is there a countdown for how much longer LeBron James will be a top flight player?

Projected Picks

Are the Pelicans loading up and surrounding their presumed #1 pick Zion Williamson with championship caliber players? The Anthony Davis trade may be our tell card.

The Top NBA Draft prospects out of the ACC who stand a good chance of being first or second round picks.

Can someone bring an NBA team to Virginia. Washington just isn’t cutting it.

ACC Network Boosts Coverage Of Women’s Sports

Projected picks of ACC players and analysis.

No shade to UVa but….why some of the projected first and second rounders raise a question.

Some Important Points

A logjam may move yet another Virginia player up on lists or place him on the trading blocks.

The players not projected in the first and second rounds may surprise you….or not.

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Want to play at the pro level? Some of the small things that will influence your financial future.

Is returning to college to up your stock a good decision? Will it make a difference in how a player places in projected picks?

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