Preseason College Football – ACC Gets Short Changed

Projected Picks
Jim Quist @ACCTheQ, Will Ojanen @WillsWorldMN

When it comes to preseason college football Top 25 rankings, the ACC has been short changed. Has the conference turned into the SEC with one dominant team and a weak smattering of others strewn across the landscape? In the eyes of fans outside the conference (and, yes inside as well) the conference is good at one thing only and that’s basketball. Well, they’re damned good at basketball and let’s not forget it.

You could certainly make the argument that a decade ago football was an after thought in the ACC. It was treated as such by the conference and everyone else followed that lead. That’s the past and the only way to sway those who still hold that thought is for someone other than Clemson to own a national championship.

Will that happen this year? How about next year? That all remains to be seen. In this episode of the podcast Jim and Will talk about the top 5 (6) teams in the preseason college football CBSSports and ESPN Top 25’s. Where does Notre Dame rank? Where do ACC teams rank? We’ll look at how ACC teams are currently ranked in their 2020 recruiting efforts.

We have some news out of Greensboro regarding staff changes at the ACC. Plus, a rundown of sports news in lacrosse, golf, beach volleyball, tennis, baseball, track & field, fencing and rowing.

Preseason College Football

  • Dabo Swinney’s new contract 1:13
  • ‘His is bigger than yours’ 2:43
  • More ‘After Dark’ 4:58
  • Who’s the Top Team? 5:51
  • Is Clemson the new Alabama? 7:10
  • The Top 5 8:33

ACC Gets Short Changed

  • A closer look at the Tigers 12:18
  • Notre Dame – A Top 10 team 17:00
  • The ACC’s ‘Black Hole’ 19:42
  • Virginia – A Top 25 team? 20:58
  • Syracuse – The Lone Ranger 23:48
  • ACC Football Kick Off 27:04
  • Sports News Update 30:12

New Coaches Hit Recruiting Hard

  • 2020 College Football Recruiting 31:27
  • Miami
  • Florida State
  • North Carolina
  • Georgia Tech
  • Thoughts on the new coaches – Manny Diaz, Mack Brown and Geoff Collins
  • How has Willie Taggart done with the mess he inherited?

Preseason College Football

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