Pomeroy Basketball Ratings

Basketball Ratings

Pomeroy Basketball Ratings

Our last look at the 2018 Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings came almost two weeks ago. The non-conference part of the schedule is well underway and the Big Ten/ACC Men’s Basketball Challenge has given us a great view of what’s to come.

We’ll keep the original comparison between Pomeroy and the AP Top 25 (original post 11/17/17) as a reference point. Each time we post we’ll take a look at what came before so you can see in what direction teams are headed.

The side-by-side will use the AP Top 25 teams (ranked and in the RV category) as the guide for how deep we’ll go in to the Pomeroy Ratings. As you can see in the previous post below we selected two additional teams in the RV (Virginia and Virginia Tech) plus one from the Pomeroy (Georgia Tech) to complete the chart.

Remember, the Pomeroy Ratings are all about what is projected to happen while the AP poll looks at what has already occurred.

Pomeroy Basketball Ratings

#5 Duke #1 Duke
#9 Virginia #9 North Carolina
#15 North Carolina #11 Miami
#17 Notre Dame #13 Notre Dame
#18 Miami #18 Louisville
#20 Louisville #28 Virginia
#45 Georgia Tech #32 Virginia Tech

As we noted, Pomeroy projects what is going to happen. The AP rankings reflect what has already come and gone. When we use these guidelines we begin to see a trend.

Here’s a good example from the post two weeks ago. “Pomeroy says that Duke will not remain the top ranked team. Virginia should rise rapidly in the AP Top 25 in the near future”. Though the first part of that projection hasn’t come to fruition, the second certainly has.

Pomeroy Basketball Ratings

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#3 Virginia #1 Duke
#7 Duke #5 Notre Dame
#11 Notre Dame #10 Miami
#12 North Carolina #13 North Carolina
#18 Miami #17 Louisville
#23 Louisville #18 Virginia

Where’s the projected movement in the Pomeroy Ratings (11/29/17) among ACC teams? Virginia and Notre Dame both move up 6 places from two weeks ago. The Cavaliers move from #9 to #3 while the Irish are up from #17 to #11.

North Carolina moves up three spots from #15 to #12.

Miami maintains their spot at #18.

Teams that are moving down include Duke from #5 to #7 and Louisville from #20 to #23.

Then there’s the proof in the pudding numbers in the Top 25. The two top movers and shakers are once again Virginia and Notre Dame. The Cavaliers make a ten spot jump and Irish climb 8 spots overall. Miami and Louisville both move up one place in the AP rankings.

North Carolina is the one team that falls from their previous ranking of #9 to #13.

Duke remains at the top spot in the AP Top 25.

Pomeroy Basketball Ratings


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