No Need To Rush


No Need To Rush

Do I really need to say, it’s summer? I mean, here I am gently swinging in a hammock, sipping on a cool drink just a few inches above a well coifed lawn. Is there really any need to rush toward football with this option at hand?

Yet, almost every hour and day in, day out I see Tweets and Facebook posts counting down to opening day of football. Come on now, don’t you have anything better to do? Maybe you’ve got kids participating in a summer league. Can’t beat joining others cheering on kids as they attempt to master the fine motor skills needed to swing a bat or defend a soccer goal.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love football. I love competitive sports. Yes, I actually love writing stories, interviewing people on our podcast and recording videos. Our job is fun or at least I do my best to keep it that way. At the same time I like making hamburgers on the grill and having some fresh corn on the cob. That requires a sojourn to the farmer’s market where I get to meet some interesting people. Last year I got to meet a candidate for a local office. I’m pretty keen on engaging politicians when the opportunity arises. I consider it a bloodless sport. She met the challenge and won my vote.

Back to counting down to football. I’m anxious to see how teams in the ACC perform this year. There’s the usual off season churn that raises questions and sometimes anxiety levels among fans. Don’t worry, the coaching staff has it.  As a Chicago Bears fan I look forward to seeing former Tar Heel Mitch Trubisky, former Hokie Kyle Fuller and former Seminole Eddie Goldman this season. But I don’t want to rush things.

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I’ve got some special time I want to spend with my better half. I want to see and do things for the first time with her. Summer is when we take a break and go on trips. Sometimes it’s only for a day as we explore the wonders of Virginia, North Carolina or Maryland. Other times we take our pick of adventures far and wide.

Just this past weekend I made sure that spending time together took priority. Six hours of shopping for a new comforter, blanket, bed skirt and throw pillows was interrupted by a brief interlude with an elderly Japanese gentleman who was doing deep knee bends. Never one to pass up meeting new people I found out he does 105 three times a day. “No need for artificial joints here”, he proudly proclaimed. “Just start with five and work your way up.”

Now, if I had been watching baseball or another sport on television I would have missed that little nugget.

It’s the same way for the players and coaches in college and professional football. They take some well deserved time off to spend with family and friends during the Summer. If just to recharge their mental and physical batteries. Often to disconnect from social media and the concerns of the world around them.

Go throw some fresh veggies on the grill. Enjoy your favorite drink. Watch kids have a good time on a recreation field. Take a day trip to someplace you would have never imagined. Read a book.

Stop the countdown. There’s no need to rush football season. It’ll come soon enough and maybe even faster if you take a few minutes to enjoy what’s going on around you.