NCAA Coaches Panel Rankings Features Thirty Eight ACC Wrestlers


NCAA Coaches Panel Rankings Features Thirty Eight ACC Wrestlers

The first of four panel rankings that help determine qualifiers for the NCAA Wrestling Champion features thirty eight ACC wrestlers.

Each of the four panels grades wrestler on their winning percentage, RPI and the coaches’ rankings.

To be eligible the individual must participate in a minimum of five matches. Each of those against other Division I opponents in their weight class. They must also have competed within the last thirty days.

A fourth and final panel will be weighted during the selection process for those destined for the 2018 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships, March 15-17 in Cleveland.

Individuals representing NC State, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia, Duke and Pittsburgh are on the first panel.

NCAA Coaches Panel Rankings Features Thirty Eight ACC Wrestlers

125 NC State #3 Sean Fausz
125 Virginia #11 Louie Hayes
133 Virginia #5 Jack Mueller
133 Pittsburgh #11 Dom Forys
133 Virginia Tech #13 Dennis Gustafson
133 North Carolina #20 Zachary Sherman
133 NC State #26 Tariq Wilson
141 NC State #2 Kevin Jack
141 Pittsburgh #15 Nick Zanetta
141 North Carolina #18 Austin Headlee
141 Virginia Tech #32 Brent Moore
149 North Carolina #4 Troy Heilmann
149 NC State #13 Beau Donahue
149 Virginia #23 Sam Krivus
149 Virginia Tech #26 Ryan Blees
157 NC State #3 Hayden Hidlay
157 Duke #11 Mitch Finesilver
157 North Carolina #17 Kennedy Monday
157 Pittsburgh #22 Taleb Rahmani
165 Virginia Tech #3 David McFadden
165 NC State #28 Brian Hamann
165 Virginia #30 Andrew Atkinson
174 NC State #19 Daniel Bullard
174 Virginia #25 Will Schany
174 Duke #27 Matt Finesilver
174 Virginia Tech #31 Hunter Bolen
184 NC State #3 Pete Renda
184 Virginia Tech #7 Zack Zavatsky
184 North Carolina #17 Chip Ness
184 Pittsburgh #33 Gregg Harvey
197 Virginia Tech #2 Jared Haught
197 NC State #3 Michael Macchiavello
197 North Carolina #15 Daniel Chaid
197 Virginia #31 Jay Aiello
HWT Duke #5 Jacob Kasper
HWT Pittsburgh #15 Ryan Solomon
HWT Virginia Tech #17 Andrew Dunn
HWT North Carolina #24 Cory Gilliland-Daniel
HWT NC State #27 Michael Boykin

NCAA Coaches Panel Rankings Features Thirty Eight ACC Wrestlers

This year’s opening panel features six former national champions. This should make the following weight classes – 125, 149, 157, 165, 184 and Heavyweight, extremely competitive.

The initial panel, by rankings alone, places a number of ACC wrestlers within striking distance of a national title. Individuals whose ranking’s are in red are those to keep an eye on in the coming weeks. An ascending or consistent number in the rankings will be a plus when the selection committee makes their final choices.

Conference championships will be Saturday, March 3 at North Carolina’s Carmichael Arena in Chapel Hill.

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