Mike Rutherford – Still Got ‘It’

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If our interview with Mike Rutherford helped us understand one thing very clearly, it’s not to ever underestimate Louisville. That word of advice also applies to Rutherford as he proved he’s still got ‘it’ as you’ll find out in the podcast. We’re not giving that part away so you’ll have to listen. You’ll find out about a resurging Cardinals men’s basketball team under the guidance of Chris Mack. Then, the impact Scott Satterfield will have on the football program. Break out your dictionaries as Will Ojanen, Xayveon and Jim Quist talk with special guest Mike Rutherford (SB Nation, Card Chronicle, 790 KRD) on episode #153 of ACC Nation Podcast.

The nice thing about today’s media is that you’re not limited in your selection. There’s more sources for sports fans than ever. If you’re a fan of Louisville you can certainly keep in touch with what’s happening via Card Chronicle. And, if you don’t live in the metro Louisville area you can still listen to Mike Rutherford (Ramsey and Rutherford) weekday afternoons beginning at 3:00pm ET via the streaming link at 790 KRD. Your familiarity with Rutherford should extend into social media as well.

We thought you might be interested in taking a closer look at what’s going on at Louisville as we hit mid February. The thought is that the Cardinals will be headed to the NCAA’s this year. However, there’s still plenty of question marks hovering around the program. And, football is easing back into the conversation as well. With a new coach at the helm you’ll get Rutherford’s take on the program.

Mike Rutherford – Still Got ‘It’

  • But First This….
  • Will with a wrap of ACC men’s basketball
  • Some thoughts on Duke’s performance vs Virginia

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  • Some of the ‘100 Things Louisville’ 9:45
  • Are the Cardinals ‘overachievers’? 10:15
  • What is the biggest challenge for this team? 11:59
  • What are the expectations for Louisville basketball? 13:41
  • Fill in the blank 15:07
  • Beating a ‘dead horse’ moment – Pitino 17:32
  • Is there any sense of ‘gloom and doom’ hanging over the school? 19:26
  • Is Chris Mack the leading candidate for ACC Coach of the Year? 22:44
  • What are fans saying about Louisville basketball? 23:46
  • The ‘exciting recruits’ are? 25:09
  • When did people realize Louisville was ‘for real’? 26:57
  • What’s behind Jordan Nwora improving his game? 28:06

Mike Rutherford – Still Got ‘It’

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  • The moment of truth
  • Louisville football moves on to the next phase 31:56
  • The immediate contributors on offense and defense 34:39
  • The difference between what was and what is 36:32
  • How did ‘100 Things Louisville’ get started and where can you buy a copy? 38:18
  • Sports, sports and more sports 40:25
  • Social media connections 42:47

Mike Rutherford – Still Got ‘It’

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