Major League Homer


Major League Homer

The ACC let fly a major league homer among conferences with 75 players being selected in the 2018 MLB Draft. That number ties the previously held conference record.

Even with the need for close to 6,000 players spread across all tiers of baseball the challenges of making it to the top are still daunting. In the major’s teams can carry a roster of 40 but only a maximum of 25 active players. For those of you counting, that adds up to approximately 750 active players at any given time during the MLB season.

The remainder of those players? They’ll battle it out in 245 minor league teams including 190 in the United States to see which ones rise to the big show.

This year North Carolina led the ACC with the most players taken with 10. That number places them in the top 5 of all schools and just behind the top team this year, Kentucky who placed 13 in the draft. Louisville wasn’t too far behind with a total of 8 players selected.

The Teams

The Tar Heels may have gotten the most picks but it was Georgia Tech that notched the top draft choice from the ACC. Joey Bart, a catcher is headed to the San Francisco Giants where he’ll join Florida State’s Buster Posey. Posey was a first round, fifth pick in 2008 for the Giants.

With 500 right handed pitchers being selected this year it is clear where teams are placing the most value. On the other hand, lefties accounted for 153 of the total players drafted. There’s no “slight of hand” going on here, just a clear need for more righties than lefties.

The Detroit Tigers selected the most players from the conference with 7. Out of the 30 MLB teams, 28 picked at least one ACC baseball player for their system.

This year’s Top 5 teams in the draft? According to this article at it’s Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Arizona, Cleveland and Oakland.

The Players

2018 MLB DRAFT (Click for complete list)

1-2 — Joey Bart, Georgia Tech, Jr., C, San Francisco Giants *Top pick
1-28 — Seth Beer, Clemson, Jr., OF, Houston Astros
1C-34 — Daniel Lynch, Virginia, Jr., LHP, Kansas City Royals
CBA-39 — Jake McCarthy, Virginia, Jr., OF, Arizona Diamondbacks
CBA-43 — Griffin Roberts, Wake Forest, Jr., RHP, St. Louis Cardinals
2-52 — Griffin Conine, Duke, Jr., RF, Toronto Blue Jays
2-54 — Josh Stowers, Louisville, Jr., CF, Seattle Mariners

3-90 — Cal Raleigh, Florida State, Jr., C, Seattle Mariners
3-98 — Jimmy Herron, Duke, Jr., CF, Chicago Cubs
5-135 — Adam Wolf, Louisville, Jr., LHP, Detroit Tigers
5-137 — Matt Vierling, Notre Dame, Jr., CF, Philadelphia Phillies
5-140 — Ryley Gilliam, Clemson, Jr., RHP, New York Mets
5-154 — Cole Sands, Florida State, Jr., RHP, Minnesota Twins
5-158 — Andy Weber, Virginia, Jr., 2B, Chicago Cubs
5-164 — Devin Mann, Louisville, Jr., 2B, Los Angeles Dodgers

6-187 — Rodney Hutchison, North Carolina, Jr., RHP, New York Yankees
6-189 — Ryan Miller, Clemson, Sr., RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks
6-191 — Andrew Karp, Florida State, Sr., RHP, Washington Nationals
6-192 — R.J. Freure, Pitt, So., RHP, Houston Astros
7-204 — Brett Kinneman, NC State, Jr., LF, Pittsburgh Pirates
7-206 — Nick Podkul, Notre Dame, Jr., 3B, Toronto Blue Jays
8-229 — Matt Pidich, Pitt, Sr., P, Cincinnati Reds
8-242 — Jackson Lueck, Florida State, Jr., LF, Kansas City Royals
8-244 — Chris Williams, Clemson, Sr., C, Minnesota Twins

A Conference Homer 

9-259 — Andrew McDonald, Virginia Tech, Jr., P, Cincinnati Reds
9-278 — Derek Casey, Virginia, Sr., RHP, Chicago Cubs
9-279 — Tyler Holton, Florida State, Jr., LHP, Arizona Diamondbacks
9-280 — Brian Brown, NC State, Sr., P, Boston Red Sox
9-284 — Josh McLain, NC State, Sr., CF, Los Angeles Dodgers
10-285 — Brock Deatherage, NC State, Sr., OF, Detroit Tigers
10-288 — Bennett Sousa, Virginia, Sr., LHP, Chicago White Sox
11-322 — Jake Higginbotham, Clemson, Jr., LHP, Atlanta Braves
11-325 — Cody Roberts, North Carolina, Jr., C, Baltimore Orioles
11-338 — Riley Thompson, Louisville, Jr., RHP, Chicago Cubs
11-341 — Frankie Bartow, Miami, Jr., RHP, Washington Nationals

12-366 — Kyle Datres, North Carolina, Jr., 3B, Colorado Rockies
13-375 — Christopher Proctor, Duke, Jr., C, Detroit Tigers
13-384 — Zack Kone, Duke, Jr., SS, Pittsburgh Pirates
13-391 — Cooper Criswell, North Carolina, Jr., RHS, Arizona Diamondbacks
13-396 — Rayne Supple, Wake Forest, Jr., RHP, Colorado Rockies
14-416 — John Aiello, Wake Forest, Jr., 3B, Toronto Blue Jays
14-423 — Brandon Riley, North Carolina, Jr., 2B, St. Louis Cardinals
15-449 — Cameron Simmons, Virginia, Jr., RF, Texas Rangers

16-476 — Josh Hiatt, North Carolina, Jr., RHP, Toronto Blue Jays
16-477 — Sam Bordner, Louisville, Jr., RHP, Miami Marlins
17-522 — Brett Daniels, North Carolina, Sr., P, Houston Astros
17-523 — Liam Jenkins, Louisville, Jr., RHP, Cleveland Indians
18-525 — Ethan DeCaster, Duke, 5S, RHR, Detroit Tigers
18-528 — Romy Gonzalez, Miami, Jr., 3B, Chicago White Sox
18-540 — Jake Palomaki, Boston College, Sr., 2B, Tampa Bay Rays
18-544 — Andrew Cabezas, Miami, Jr., RHP, Minnesota Twins

The ACC Nation Homer   Sports   Basketball   Football   Baseball

21-639 — Jacob Stevens, Boston College, Jr., RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks
22-660 — Jack Labosky, Duke, Sr., P, Tampa Bay Rays
22-671 — Cole Daily, Notre Dame, Jr., SS, Washington Nationals
26-783 — Connor Coward, Virginia Tech, Jr., RHS, St. Louis Cardinals
26-784 — Brian Rapp, Boston College, Sr., RHP, Minnesota Twins
27-797 — Jack Conley, NC State, Jr., C, Philadelphia Phillies
28-825 — Daniel Reyes, Miami, Jr., LF, Detroit Tigers
28-832 — Derek West, Pitt, Jr., RHP, Atlanta Braves
28-842 — Rhett Aplin, Florida State, Sr., RF, Kansas City Royals
29-855 — Jeb Bargfeldt, Miami, Sr., LHP, Detroit Tigers

30-892 — Mitch Stallings, Duke, Sr., P, Atlanta Braves
30-896 — Cobi Johnson, Florida State, Sr., RHP, Toronto Blue Jays
30-908 — Drew Wharton, Clemson, Sr., OF, Chicago Cubs
31-918 — Austin Conway, Louisville, Sr., RHS, Chicago White Sox
31-931 — Mitchell Miller, Clemson, So., LHP, Los Angeles Angels
32-969 — Austin Bergner, North Carolina, So., RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks
33-991 — Wade Bailey, Georgia Tech, Sr., 2B, Los Angeles Angels
34-1025 — Michael Mediavilla, Miami, Sr., LHP, Milwaukee Brewers
35-1038 — Jason Morgan, North Carolina, Sr., P, Chicago White Sox
35-1053 — Liam Sabino, Pitt, Jr., SS, St. Louis Cardinals
36-1065 — Yasin Chentouf, Pitt, Jr., CF, Detroit Tigers
36-1066 — Bryan Hoeing, Louisville, Jr., RHP, San Francisco Giants
38-1147 — Daniel Metzdorf, Boston College, Jr., LHR, New York Yankees
39-1173 — Zack Gahagan, North Carolina, Sr., SS, St. Louis Cardinals