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The Labor Day holiday weekend of college football was full of twists and turns. To make it infinitely more intriguing and befuddling at the same time we put four sets of eyes on those games. With that comes four different opinions on performance. Thus, the week one ACC Nation Power Poll has teams shifting and not always in the direction you might imagine. One of the more important aspects of the ACC schedule this year has been teams opening against conference opponents. Instead of going with an FCS opponent to help work out the kinks the debut of the ACC Network had teams jumping feet first into the fire. That’s great for television but not always so good for teams in need of easing into the season.

We found out who those teams are, to a degree, which unfortunately may have given fans the wrong impression regarding their team. By the time three weeks of play have elapsed everyone will know where teams really stand. That’s not any different for polls of this nature. A good sample of work will provide a clearer picture.

For now though, let’s go ahead and look at where the staff thinks ACC teams (and Notre Dame) belong in this week’s Power Poll. Both Notre Dame and Louisville have the benefit of playing a Monday night game and have escaped the harsh realities of at least one poll for a week.

Labor Day

ACC Nation Power Poll

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The Breakdown

Among the top 5 teams in the ACC Nation Power Poll, Clemson, Notre Dame and Miami hold the same spot.

Syracuse and Virginia swap spots and are a whisker apart in voting at No. 3 and 4 respectively.

With a fan comforting performance against East Carolina, NC State moves up two spots to No. 6.

The biggest move in the rankings comes from Boston College. The Eagles and Hokies provided a give and take battle. Fans can argue on both sides about how well or poorly their team performed. The only thing that truly matters after all is said and done, the final score.

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Among the mid-tier teams Florida State grabs the eighth position in the poll after dropping two notches. Seminoles fans were elated to see the return of a team that appeared to be firing on all cylinders. That lasted until the start of the third quarter when Boise State came out of their locker room with adjustments in hand.

Coming in at No. 9, Virginia Tech drops two spots this week after a turnover laden battle against the Eagles. Clean up the mistakes and the team will have a new shine.

Who knew that Mack Brown could dance like that? North Carolina has the talent and if they can stay healthy a bowl invite may await them this year. The Tar Heels are up two spots.

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It’s Just One Game

Wake Forest may be one of those sneaky good teams that ruins the party for more than one team this year. Though the Demon Deacons remain at No. 10 in a tie with their Carolina brethren in Chapel Hill performances like that against Utah State will move them up in week’s to come.

The struggle is real at Pitt. It’s not that there isn’t talent or potential, it’s just that it never comes together for Pat Narduzzi. Starting off the season against Virginia was a tell game. Everyone gets to see the strengths and weaknesses at the front end of the ACC season. The Panthers slipped 3 spots in the poll in large part because they failed to adjust to Virginia’s defense.

Duke and Georgia Tech were put in the unenviable position of playing the top two teams in college football. Teams, that quite frankly, are in a league of their own.

Dad-Blama Saban

Labor Day

The Blue Devils kept Alabama off the board for just about 20 minutes, which, in and of itself was quite the feat. Make not mistake about it, we should all be keeping a close eye on Mr. Cutcliffe’s boys.

The Yellow Jackets are re-building. Do we need to say anything else? With Geoff Collins at the helm, their time is coming.

Louisville is currently stranded at the bottom of the poll. We haven’t seen them play and we don’t hand out ‘benefit of the doubt’ passes. We’ll find out more about Scott Satterfield’s team as they face off against Notre Dame.

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