Katz Power 36 – Men’s College Basketball Rankings

Jim Quist @ACCTheQ –

The Katz Power 36 is out ranking men’s college basketball for the 2020-21 season. Don’t look for an ACC team in the top 5 and that almost applies to the top 10 as well. Initially, I wasn’t too concerned with that fact until I saw that he was ‘clumping’ conference teams in his poll. If you listened to the most recent ACC Nation Podcast you’ll hear me calling out pollsters that do this dirty deed. So, it’s fun to talk about (around the new water cooler, your home Keurig) but honestly, the dog isn’t going to disagree with you. Find someone else to talk to.

Your withdrawal symptoms are real as we just passed the date in which the last NCAA Championship was played. I was not so subtly reminded of who won the last one by my colleague Will Ojanen as he and fellow Wahoo fans set Twitter on fire. Virginia fans will have plenty to get excited about with the Katz Power 36 as the Cavaliers are Katz’ top pick out of the ACC.

For giggles only (hey, this is a family site) here are the conference teams that Katz has selected for his debut Power 36 rankings. We’ll start from the lowest team and work our way up. Afterward, we’ll look at his top 5 list.

Katz Power 36

  • #24 Louisville
  • #15 North Carolina
  • #14 Florida State
  • #11 Duke
  • #10 Virginia

Remembering The Past – ACC Baseball

When it comes to rosters we only know a few things for certain. We know who has declared for the NBA Draft and are pretty much locks to become pros.

  • Louisville
  • Jordan Nwora
  • Steven Enoch

What about David Johnson? He’s generating some buzz in Mock Drafts but does that mean he’ll make the jump?

  • North Carolina

It’s a wait and see game in Chapel Hill.

  • Florida State
  • Devin Vassell
  • Patrick Williams

Leonard Hamilton is confident he has a top 10 team even with the departure of Vassell and Williams.

  • Duke
  • Tre Jones
  • Cassius Stanley

As we talked about on the podcast this is the No. 2 recruiting class in the nation. What’s missing? Seasoned leadership. Can one of the young guns step up and take the reins?

  • Virginia
  • Mamadi Diakite
  • Braxton Key

Tony Bennett returns a seasoned squad with plenty of depth. What’s been missing has now been found. Virginia will have more shooters than they’ve seen in years.

The Top 5

Now that we know where the ACC stands who are the teams that Katz believes are the top dogs?

  • #5 Iowa
  • #4 Creighton
  • #3 Villanova
  • #2 Baylor
  • #1 Gonzaga

The start of the season is seemingly a long, long way off. What could slow things up? The lack of practice time and further issues revolving around COVID-19.

Until then, we’ll cross our fingers and discuss the Katz Power 36 around the Keurig to the dog.