Jeff Fann On Georgia Tech

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The athletic program at Georgia Tech the past few years has been like a smooth, flat rock skipping across a pool of water. Hit. Miss. Hit. Miss. And just like the wonderment of our childhood watching that rock it’s often been a thing of beauty. However, the question of just how long that rippling journey would last was slowly creeping into the minds of fans. At some point, apparently, that thought found it’s way into the minds of the administration and athletic boosters. Thus, the addition of Todd Stansbury as Athletic Director and what appears to be a reemergence for the Yellow Jackets. On this episode of ACC Nation Podcast, the founder and Managing Editor of, Jeff Fann joins us. Jeff shares his thoughts on Georgia Tech athletics with some key observations on basketball and football.

We’ve been wanting to get Jeff on as a guest for some time and when opportunity knocked, both parties answered. In addition to the great content at AllSportsDiscussion, Jeff carries an ace up his sleeve when it comes to perspective on the ACC. He attended both Clemson and Georgia Tech which gives him unique insight into the mindsets of the two fan bases.

For this interview though, we wanted to focus on the Yellow Jackets. One of the many lessons in life surrounding the adage, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is you often find that you may have forgotten or underestimated the subject later. In this case the subject, Georgia Tech, shouldn’t drop very far from sight or stay off your mind. Join us for our conversation with Jeff Fann to find out why.

Jeff Fann On Georgia Tech

  • The health and direction of the Georgia Tech Athletic Program :45
  • Was Josh Pastner a good hire for men’s basketball? 2:35
  • What does Pastner bring to the table that wasn’t there before? 3:28
  • Are the Jackets one good player away from clicking….or more? 4:52
  • It’s a young team….do they hold promise? 5:58
  • Jose Alvarado. Now and the future. 7:22
  • James Banks. How critical of a cog is he? 8:53
  • Brandon Alston. Who takes on the senior leadership role next? 10:13
  • A ‘RamblinWreck’ on the recruiting front. Can it be fixed? 11:34
  • Where recruiting has been successful. 15:02
  • Statistical surprises on defense. 16:14

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Jeff Fann On Georgia Tech

  • Thoughts on the departure of Paul Johnson. 17:53
  • What new football coach Geoff Collins is doing to win over GT. 19:13
  • Four names but only one QB. Who’s the pick? 22:38
  • New coaches, new schemes pepper the ACC. How does GT fit in? 24:43
  • What to expect from the offense. 26:30
  • Will the Yellow Jackets make it to a Bowl this year? 28:43
  • The Other Side 29:40
  • Where to follow Jeff Fann & AllSportsDiscussion on Social Media 30:27

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