Jason Carmello’s Bracket | Wild ’23 Could Be Miraculous


If you thought the beginning of the 2022 men’s college basketball was mind-boggling, you haven’t seen anything yet. Jason Carmello of Big-Underdog.com talks hoops with Will and Jim and what is driving his bracket at this early point in the season. And, he gives us some intriguing food for thought as to how it may all play out come March.

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Carmello starts out by looking at the top teams and then breaks down teams throughout the Top 25. Find out why, ‘guarding’ may well be the key to winning a national title and which teams just aren’t delivering.


How are teams from the ACC performing? Some surprising stats that will go a long way in explaining why some teams deserve a spot and others, not so much.

Virginia, Duke, Virginia Tech, Miami are all in the Top 25 but what other teams have a shot? Can North Carolina put together a comeback? What about Clemson and Syracuse? The latter three teams may not be in the bracket now but it doesn’t mean they don’t have a shot.

It’s an interesting conversation that runs the gamut of college basketball teams and conferences. If you didn’t get enough this time around don’t worry. We plan on having Carmello back several times to share his thoughts. Until then, we encourage you to make his website a must-follow.

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