Healthy Foods Can Be Delicious – Take Smoothies

Healthy Foods
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Where did we ever get the idea that healthy foods have to taste bad to be good for you? Take smoothies for instance. The concept isn’t new and perhaps you’ve raised an eyebrow at friends or acquaintances who indulge. Perhaps it’s because they’re so adamant about you trying them too. Granted, there is something about a green drink that kicks in a person’s fight or flight mechanism.

But, let’s be honest. If you don’t want to indulge in a green drink then how about one with peanut butter and banana? Are you up for satisfying your chocolate fixation with some Cacao nibs? Maybe an Apple crisp or PB&J (which isn’t literally but tastes just as good).

Smoothies don’t have to be a year round obsession though if you’re interested in a healthy diet they could be. After all, you can start out with that blender that is rarely used and some items from the fridge and pantry.

You can go dairy free and use almond milk. It’s the right time of the year to indulge in all your favorite fruits. We all know that breakfast is extremely important in getting us kick-started each morning. If members of the family are running short on time then a smoothie may be the answer.

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Healthy Foods

Here’s a short list of items that are great to add to your smoothie –

  • Locally sourced honey
  • Green Tea – perfect as a base for your smoothies
  • Oats – lots of vitamins and minerals plus it fills you up
  • Sunflower seeds (any type seed) – source of magnesium
  • Olive oil – healthy fats are essential in any diet
  • Coconut water – perfect sports drink alternative and base
  • Coffee – a small amount takes care of your need for caffeine
  • Herbs – any green leaf (mint might be a good place to start)
  • Avocado – great source of fiber and healthy fats (plus it can give your smoothie the consistency of ice cream) *All green isn’t bad!

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Healthy Foods

Good For The Whole Family

There’s also a great selection of supplements available at most supermarkets, pharmacies and on-line to fit your needs as well.

Most families indulge in at least one smoothie over a lifetime especially when the weather gets warm. If you have kids the likelihood is higher. No problem, just cruise on down to the local smoothie joint.

Be sure to keep a close eye on everything that’s being tossed in the blender, though. If you were a fan of Seinfeld you might remember the non-fat (but amazingly delicious) yogurt episode where everyone gained weight.

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Allow your imagination to drive what you put in your smoothie. Make a note of everything you can use the next time you go grocery shopping. If your goal is to eat healthy or you’re on a diet then keep an eye on the ingredients. Yes, healthy foods can be delicious. Why not enjoy yourself?

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