Georgia Tech And Boston College: ‘Voices Of’ Football Preview

Georgia Tech And Boston College
Jim Quist @ACCTheQ, Will Ojanen @WillsWorldMN –

This week the ‘Voices Of’ football preview features the play-by-play voices of Georgia Tech and Boston College, Andy Demetra and Jon Meterparel. You’ll get an insider’s thoughts on how each team will perform this season. We take a look at the offense, defense, special teams and the schedule for the Yellow Jackets and the Eagles. Plus, ACC sports news, ACC football, NFL football and the guys talk beer. From the debut of NC State’s Old Tuffy to some kick butt Imperial Stouts the guys share some tasty suds.

We start by looking at a Way-Too-Early preseason Top 25 for women’s lacrosse. Where does the ACC stand? The 2020 season looks good as 5 of 6 teams are ranked in the top 15 with the conference owning the top 2 spots. Find out who the teams are by listening to the podcast.

Three of the top five collegiate field hockey matchups to kick off the season involve ACC teams. We have the who and when nailed down for you.

Sporting News’ Bill Bender answers a question revolving around Clemson’s success. Does this run hurt the ACC? We share his answer.

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Georgia Tech And Boston College

The preseason All ACC football team roster is chocked full of Clemson players. Who are some of the conference’s top players?

Who thought that an early start to PAC 12 games was a good idea?

Ding! Hey, look, the ACC is tweeting out that the network is coming.

ACC All Stars vs Clemson? Let’s roll.

Time of the year for lots of click bait articles….such as, conference realignment. Please, stop!

‘Voices Of’ Football Preview – Duke And Virginia Tech – Listen Now!

When you might see former Duke QB Daniel Jones with the New York Giants.

Georgia Tech – Andy Demetra

What Geoff Collins brings to the Yellow Jackets.


Breaking down the offense – Who starts at QB?

Will the changeover in scheme be that big of a deal?

Running backs and wide receivers – the rundown.

Will the offensive line be big enough and is the roster deep enough?


Some questions on the line. Will that change or is it a building year?

The linebackers and questions regarding depth.

Looking for a strength? Look to the secondary.

Special Teams

Where will Georgia Tech shine?


Analysis of the schedule and the road blocks they’ll face.

Let’s Talk Beer

NC State and New Belgium partner up to offer an American Lager called Old Tuffy. Read More.

A look at what beer drinkers say their favorites are in ACC Nation states (Beer Advocate). “Those you can only really have one of and then, yeah, you got to cut yourself off”.

Check out Will and Sami’s Beer Blog here.

Boston College – Jon Meterparel

The overall picture – Is this a rebuild year?


New coordinator – new schemes? What to expect this season.

The line-backing corps – Who brings game?

Taking a more in-depth look at the secondary.

Special Teams

Battling for position.


New coordinator. Look for more explosive plays from the Eagles.

The offensive line – youth and experience.

A crystal ball look at a critical portion of the offense.

That next big step. Is Brown ready to make it?

What needs to be improved upon among the receivers?

AJ Dillon is a major threat but he’s also a target. Who’s behind him on the roster?


A typical BC schedule – rigorous.

Impossible? Jon’s prediction.

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