Fornelli Fifty

Fornelli Fifty

Fornelli Fifty

This year’s college football season has had more than it’s fair share of chaos. With that in mind we turn to a man who understands college football from that perspective. Thus, The Fornelli Fifty.

CBS Sports writer Tom Fornelli’s bio says everything about why we’re giving you a taste of his rankings. “During his time at CBS, Tom has proven time and again that he hates your favorite team and thinks your rival is a paragon of football excellence.”

Now how could you go wrong with a guy like that, we ask?

The Fornelli Fifty ranks teams based on nothing but their performance in 2017. Sounds like gut to us and being prolific beer drinkers we’re more than familiar with that term.

So, as we head into one of many ‘Decision 2017’ weekends, let’s have something extra to chew on other than Cheetos (by the way, be sure to get a big bag as we’re coming over).

Fornelli Fifty – ACC Football Schedule

  • #1     Clemson (and it’s close)
  • #12   Duke
  • #13   Virginia Tech
  • #15   Wake Forest
  • #23   Notre Dame
  • #24   Miami
  • #30   Louisville
  • #34   NC State
  • #49   Georgia Tech

One look at this weekend’s schedule and you know extra food and beverages are in order. Mind if we bring a buddy with us?

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