Final Tennis Rankings For 2019 Casts Shadows

Final Tennis Rankings
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When you take a look at the ITA collegiate rankings things are coming up roses. At least, for the ACC women. Their singles and doubles numbers indicate another year of experience and depth. The long shadows are cast upon the conference men. The final tennis rankings for 2019, specifically in singles, raises questions. However, there’s plenty of room for growth. Without a doubt it’s an opportunity for emerging stars.

The first ITA team rankings begin on January 8. There won’t be a complete snapshot of team, singles and doubles rankings until February 5. The seemingly short ACC season (3 1/2 months) concludes with the conference championships in mid-April. The NCAA Championships follow close behind.

Like most sports, tennis is non-stop. The ‘off-season’ is more full-blown with tournaments available year-round. When it comes to conference play, the sprint becomes a marathon.

Final Tennis Rankings

ACC Men’s Singles

5Richard CiamarraNotre Dame
42Tin ChenLouisville
43Bar BotzerWake Forest
56Rrezart CunguWake Forest
63Adria Soriano BarreraMiami
67Siddhant BanthiaWake Forest
68Gianni RossVirginia
82Joshua PeckNorth Carolina
92Rana-Roop Singh BhularFlorida State
102Axel NefveNotre Dame
115Ryan GoetzVirginia
117Andrew ZhangDuke

The singles rankings for men point to a deficit in mid-range players. With just three individuals in the top 50 and only one in the top 5 this doesn’t look like the same conference as in year’s past.

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ACC Women’s Singles

2Cameron MorraNorth Carolina
3Estela Perez-SomarribaMiami
T4Sara DaavettilaNorth Carolina
8Alexa GrahamNorth Carolina
10Kelly ChenDuke
18Anna RogersNC State
23Adriana ReamiNC State
25Chloe BeckDuke
30Natasha SubhashVirginia
31Alana SmithNC State
35Rosie JohansonVirginia
36Alle SanfordNorth Carolina
44Carolyn CampanaWake Forest
53Kenya JonesGeorgia Tech
64Guzal YusupovaSyracuse
67Margaryta BilokinDuke
69Selma CadarMiami
73Gia CohenGeorgia Tech
77Meible ChiDuke
78Sofia MuneraVirginia
80Miranda RamirezSyracuse
82Anna CampanaWake Forest
111Sofya GolubovskayaSyracuse

As opposed to the ACC men, the women’s single rankings are more than promising. With a bevy of familiar names bringing experience and multiple new faces showing promise the conference is primed for another competitive season.

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ACC Men’s Doubles

7Mac KigerSimon SoendergaardNorth Carolina
9Franco AuboneBenjamin HannestadMiami
11Sean SculleyNick StachowiakDuke
15Richard CiamarraTristan McCormickNotre Dame
32Yannai BarkaiTadas BabelisNC State
34Ryan GoetzAmmar AlhaqbaniVirginia
42Michael HellerAndrew ZhangDuke
53Gianni RossWilliam WoodallVirginia
55Henrik KorsgaardBrandon PerezVirginia Tech

What, if anything do we gather from the doubles rankings? With seven pairings ranked in the top 50 out of 125 and four in the top 15 there’s promise.

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ACC Women’s Doubles

1Alana SmithAnna RogersNC State
5Cameron MorraMakenna JonesNorth Carolina
6Sara DaavettilaAlexa GrahamNorth Carolina
10Eliza OmirouMary Caroline MeredithWake Forest 
14Emmanuelle SalasVictoria AllenFlorida State 
22Jaeda DanielAdriana ReamiNC State
35Chloe BeckMeible ChiDuke 
46Anna BrylinSabhyata NihalaniWake Forest 
48Sofya TreshchevaKim HansenSyracuse
50Anika YarlagaddaAlle SanfordNorth Carolina
T51Victoria FloresKenya JonesGeorgia Tech
56Eleni LoukaSydney RileyClemson

The doubles numbers are solid for men and women in the ACC. The development of duo’s as the season progresses should be interesting to watch.

The opening weeks of play in January will serve to confirm or wipe away the shadow cast on the ACC men by the final tennis rankings of 2019.

Final Tennis Rankings