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It’s off to the races in the Coastal Division for week twelve of ACC football. Following week eleven Virginia holds the top spot at 5-2 in the conference with Pitt (who lost early in the season to the Cavaliers) holding the second spot with a 3-2 record. At number three is Virginia Tech and the Hokies also have a 3-2 conference record. At number four is Miami at 4-3. All four teams have six wins although Virginia Tech needs one more FBS win for them to make it to a bowl.

Would you be surprised if we told you there was a bit of mayhem in the ACC last week? No? We didn’t think so. What games kept the whirling dervish going? Florida State upended Boston College and Georgia Tech gave Virginia a run for their money. Then Miami woke up against Louisville and Virginia Tech delivered a knock out punch to Wake Forest.

The voters aren’t expecting any big surprises this week….wait, it looks as if one person expects an upset. We’ll let you take a look at the week twelve picks to see who and what game.

Sprint To The Finished: ACC Nation Power Poll

A quick look at the Atlantic Division shows Clemson at 7-0 in the conference and rising to No. 3 in the latest CFP Top 25. Wake Forest is 3-2 and bowl bound with a 7-2 overall record. Florida State and Louisville are both a game away from qualifying for a bowl invitation. The Seminoles are 4-4 in the ACC while the Cardinals are 3-3.

Week Twelve

Week Twelve

ACC Nation Pigskin Picks

Fearless ForecastersGame(s) (pick in bold)Record
Will Ojanen
North Carolina @ Pitt
Alabama State @ Florida State
Navy @ Notre Dame
Wake Forest @ Clemson
Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech
Syracuse @ Duke
Louisville @ NC State
North Carolina @ Pitt
Alabama State @ Florida State
Navy @ Notre Dame
Wake Forest @ Clemson
Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech
Syracuse @ Duke
Louisville @ NC State
Jim Quist
North Carolina @ Pitt
Alabama State @ Florida State
Navy @ Notre Dame
Wake Forest @ Clemson
Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech
Syracuse @ Duke
Louisville @ NC State
Chris Bond
North Carolina @ Pitt
Alabama State @ Florida State
Navy @ Notre Dame
Wake Forest @ Clemson
Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech
Syracuse @ Duke
Louisville @ NC State

Conference football gets underway tonight (Thursday, November 14) as North Carolina heads to a somewhat nippy Pitt. The skies will be clear, a light wind and a low of 24 is expected. Those Tar Heel fans traveling from North Carolina may seriously consider a few extra layers so you aren’t miserable by the second quarter.

The consensus is it may be a miserable evening aside from the weather. The pickers are all in on Pitt.

If you haven’t noticed by now we’ll point it out. Will is going out on a bit of a limb by picking Navy as an upset winner over Notre Dame. The Irish may well be ripe for the picking but odds are Kelly and company get back into gear this week. Fans should hope so as Navy has what it takes to pull off a win.

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It will be well worth keeping an eye on the outcome of Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. These two teams have somewhat of a running battle and both have seen a late season surge.

Does Syracuse have anything in the tank….say, pride….to pull off a win against Duke? We’ll know soon enough if the Orange has flat-lined by the score at the half.

Louisville should come out of their loss against Miami with a taste for vengeance. Can the Wolfpack hold them at bay? If the Cardinals offense gets on a roll it will be a long afternoon for NC State.

Week Twelve
Best Whiskeys In ACC Nation…Well, Almost Thu, 14 Nov 2019 17:17:10 +0000 [Read More]]]>
Jim Quist @ACCTheQ –

Finding the adult beverage that best suits your taste can be a challenge. As we grow older and have an opportunity to test a wider variety of drinks we acquire a more informed palate. With time we either settle into a routine or continue to explore our options. Like a great number of individuals I continue to do just that and am always up for challenging a bartender. Often, I let the bartender challenge me and have never been disappointed. I’ve a penchant for visiting breweries and distilleries, thus it leads me to finding the best whiskeys in each state of ACC Nation.

Well, that’s not totally true. The source of this list is Esquire magazine and their article, ‘The Best Whiskeys in Every State Right Now’. The piece, by Aaron Goldfarb, came out in February, so the ‘right now’ indicates his list is subject to change. Nonetheless, it makes for an interesting read and I thought we’d share with you the results.

Most of the bottles in this list range in price from $40 to $60. That’s a very reasonable price for a casual drinker. It’s always a great idea to have some of the better stuff in your liquor cabinet should someone special stop by.

Though my focus is on beer as of late that doesn’t mean I skip out on enjoying a whisky neat from time to time. With family in Kentucky (your bucket list must include the ‘Bourbon Trail’) and a father-in-law who knows and enjoys his whiskey, it’s only natural I should join in.

Best Whiskeys

It’s important to note that Goldfarb left out Kentucky and Indiana. The Bluegrass State we understand as the sheer number and variety of quality whiskey produced there is overwhelming. Slapping ‘best’ on any of these would likely start a small scale war among people who drink something other than.

As for Indiana (he also left off Tennessee because of Jack Daniels), I’m not sure I agree with the decision but the state is literally cranking out monster volumes of alcohol used by companies everywhere. The production of Midwest Grain Products in Indiana is sent out via train and truck to facilities that slap a label on it. But, there are plenty of distilleries producing top quality whiskeys.

Sprint To The Finish: ACC Nation Power Poll

So, with a bit of digging I found an article from entitled, ‘America’s Best Bourbon is Made at this Southern Indiana Distillery’. So, for our list we’ll add Starlight Distillery. Why? The distillery won the 2019 American Craft Spirits Association best Bourbon award for their Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey.

Goldfarb has a Top 10 and then the best of the rest list. We’ll start with the highest ranked whiskeys first.

The List – Best Whiskeys

At No. 6 is Virginia Distillery Company located in Lovingston. The distillery is located about half way between Charlottesville and Lynchburg on Route 29. They source a single malt Scotch from the Scottish Highlands and blend it with their single malt. In 2020, they’ll release a locally distilled single malt called, ‘Courage & Conviction’.

Fear not, there is another non-Kentucky product making it onto the Top 10. Pennsylvania’s Mountain Laurel Spirits in Bristol, on the Delaware River north of Philadelpha, comes in at No. 7. Their Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Whiskey, specifically the 94-proof finished in Vermouth barrels gets the nod.

In Florida you’ll want to keep an eye on St. Augustine Distillery. Two things make this unique. The first, it’s a community-owned distillery and the second, the Port Finished Bourbon aged in barrels from San Sebastian Winery.

Taste Test

Way down deep in the heart of Georgia, Americus to be exact, is Thirteenth Colony. They offer up a four year aged Southern Bourbon and Southern Rye finished on French oak spirals.

Triple Eight is located in Nantucket, Massachusetts and is part of the Cisco Brewery tri-fecta which also includes Nantucket Vineyard. Triple Eight has a 12 year old single malt named, ‘Notch’ which has won numerous awards.

We head to New York’s Finger Lakes Region for our next distillery. Located in Burdett which is just north of Watkins Glen, Finger Lakes Distilling delivers McKenzie Rye and Bourbon. Some of the more interesting twists include finishing in Pommeau and Riesling barrels.

Thanksgiving With A Twist

There’s plenty of illegal moonshine operations producing whiskey across the South. That still holds true in North Carolina. Great Wagon Road in Charlotte has roots in that tradition. Rua, which means ‘red’ in Celtic is an organic style malt.

In Charleston, South Carolina High Wire Distilling features Sorghum Whiskey. The use of Sorghum, which contains a higher sugar content than corn hearkens back to colonial days. Both the aroma and taste are quite unique.

Jim Quist is Managing Editor of ACC Nation and Co-Host of ACC Nation Podcast. He’s a member of NSMA (National Sports Media Association), FWAA (Football Writers Association of America) and USBWA (U.S. Basketball Writers Association). He is enrolled in the Beer Brewer Professional Certificate program at the University of Richmond. Follow him on Twitter @ACCTheQ.

Best Whiskeys
Sprint To The Finish: ACC Nation Power Poll Wed, 13 Nov 2019 20:43:48 +0000 [Read More]]]>
ACC Nation Staff @accnation –

Here we go, it’s week twelve of the regular college football season. Including this week, which begins on Thursday, we’ve got three weeks of action left on the schedule. The last regular weekend, that features a lot of non-conference play, is Saturday November 30. A week later it’s the ACC Football Championship in Charlotte on December 7. Let’s call it official, we’ll see Clemson against…..oh, yeah, the Coastal Division is still up for grabs. Check back with us in three weeks as teams sprint to the finish.

It will take a whole lotta ballin’ out over the next three weeks to push teams up the ladder in the ACC Nation Power Poll. The voters are getting set in their ways especially after watching one messy week after another. Will things change this week? The upcoming ACC Nation Pigskin Picks finds pretty much everyone in agreement. Almost, everyone.

This week may well be the first in a long time where the teams that should win will actually do just that. But, it’s the ACC, so we’ll simply have to watch and see.


ACC Nation Power Poll

12DUKE18T 10
13NC STATE1113

Moving On Up

Would you be surprised if the teams that are moving up constitute a large portion of the Coastal Division? Yes, a literal sprint to the finish for Virginia, Pitt, Virginia Tech and Miami. Some of that second wind mad dash is for the championship and a shot at Clemson.

Crash And Burn: CFP Top 25 Week 2

Who else improves their status in the ACC Nation Power Poll? Florida State moves up while Georgia Tech is working diligently to keep themselves from owning the status of ACC ‘cellar dweller’.

Coastal Division Top 4

  • Virginia 5-2 7-3
  • Pitt 3-2 6-3
  • Virginia Tech 3-2 6-3
  • Miami 4-3 6-4

Atlantic Division Top 4

  • Clemson 7-0 10-0
  • Wake Forest 3-2 7-2
  • Florida State 4-4 5-5
  • Louisville 3-3 5-4

Slippery Slope

Who’s rightfully feeling down in the dumps this week? Wake Forest, Louisville, Boston College, Duke and Syracuse fill out the list. The Demon Deacons not only have slipped from the AP Top 25 but they’ve lost a key element to their offense. Wide receiver Sage Surratt suffered a shoulder injury against Virginia Tech and will be out for the remainder of the season.

Season To Season: ACC Nation Podcast

For the first time this season there’s a new resident at the bottom of the ACC Nation Power Poll. Syracuse has had a no-good, lousy season that has landed them at No. 15. The frustration of going from an exciting season in which you are ranked to tanking the next year is wearing on Orange fans.

This Week

A couple of interesting games that you’ll want to keep an eye on are on the schedule this week.

  • Pitt – North Carolina
  • Clemson – Wake Forest
  • Louisville – NC State
  • Notre Dame – Navy

Crash And Burn: CFP Top 25 Week 2 Wed, 13 Nov 2019 00:51:35 +0000 [Read More]]]>
Jim Quist @ACCTheQ –

There were some hurt feelings among Clemson fans last week when the initial CFP Top 25 debuted. With the Tigers, the defending champions no less, ranking no higher than No. 5. There was a sting of insult that came with the ranking. Calmer heads prevailed in pointing out that two teams, among the top 4, were destined for the loss category. And, unless Dabo, Trevor, Travis and Tee all decided to take a nap, the Tigers would be nestled among the top echelon once again. Lo and behold Alabama delivered a crash and burn performance against LSU and the doors opened for Clemson.

Now, it would be presumptuous of me to scatter the remains of the Crimson Tide among the, ‘oh, you were so close’ heap of teams that have missed the playoffs. The nagging feeling (and tell me it isn’t true) that Alabama would once again get away scot free with an unearned token held me in check.

I, like every other mortal soul would have to wait to see if the slew of Nick Saban voodoo dolls were pinned properly. Lest you think they’re all located in Louisiana, guess again.

As for Penn State, their fate was sealed with a loss to Minnesota. So what have the committee members drummed up for us this week? Is there more pain? More, agony? Or will we have a ‘what in the hell are you thinking’ moment?


Not too sound too cynical but having been down this road many a year before I didn’t have the greatest faith in my fellow human beings. But, as I type this they’ve wiped away the dark clouds with a Top 25 that, in some sense, makes sense.

College Football Playoff Rankings


The biggest mover in the top tier is Minnesota. The Golden Gophers leap to No. 8 while Penn State falls from No. 4 to No. 9.

The only other ACC Nation team to make the Top 25 is Notre Dame. The Irish hold at No. 16.

Season To Season: ACC Nation Podcast

Who among the top 6 teams will stumble in the remaining weeks of the regular season? Is there a chance that Alabama will rise to the occasion or be gifted a slot in the playoffs?

There are numerous scenarios in which the Crimson Tide can return. For the life of me, none seem reasonable. This looks like the season where crash and burn applies to Alabama.

Jim Quist is Managing Editor of ACC Nation and Co-Host of ACC Nation Podcast. He’s a member of NSMA (National Sports Media Association), FWAA (Football Writers Association of America) and USBWA (U.S. Basketball Writers Association). He is enrolled in the Beer Brewer Professional Certificate program at the University of Richmond. Follow him on Twitter @ACCTheQ.

Season To Season: ACC Nation Podcast Tue, 12 Nov 2019 21:15:52 +0000 [Read More]]]> There’s a lot of sports news to cover in this week’s ACC Nation Podcast. We begin our first season to season progression as cross country, field hockey and soccer are heading toward the NCAA championships. As one regular season begins to wind down (football), another starts (basketball) with a taste of what’s to come courtesy of the ACC Network. Volleyball is also rounding the corner into the home stretch while ice hockey is generating plenty of excitement.

Nine NCAA Cross Country Regionals get underway this week as does the NCAA Field Hockey opening rounds. NCAA Women’s Soccer championship action begins this week as well.

Will and Jim take a look at the opening day of men’s basketball already a week in the mirror. They share some thoughts on the initial performances and talk about key upsets out of the gate.

How does ACC women’s basketball look this season? Incredible. Louisville leads the conference as a top 10 team while Notre Dame has some catching up to do.

Season To Season

Are there some teams in the ACC that are finally finding themselves? The answer is yes and they are worth keeping an eye on. Will these teams carry this momentum into bowl play? Are they giving us a taste of what’s to come next year? The regular season may be winding down but the number of hot games on the schedule hasn’t diminished.

The torches are being lit as Will brings out his best imitation of a caller to ‘Pawwwwl’ who says the game has passed Nick Saban bye-bye.

Slow Roll To Supremacy: ACC Men’s Basketball

As we move forward some of the harsh realities of the quality of football versus basketball teams gets a spotlight.


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